Monday, August 20, 2018

That's a wrap,our summer round up!

We ended the school year on a great note! Both girls loved their teachers. Mrs. Bain for Lily.
Mr. Taylor for Gemma. As you can see the last day of school was free dress day and they pretty much spent the last week of school watching movies, coloring and signing year books.
To celebrate the end of the school year and to kick off the summer right I took the girls for pedicures.
This is our big treat, twice a year we go for pedicures, summer and Christmas time.
The girls always want designs or pictures on their toes. Lily got little calico kitties on her big toes, Gemma got leopard print. They even talked me into a row of little diamonds.
We didn't miss a beat on starting the summer fun. The very first week of summer break the girls were signed up for girl scout camp. They had SO MUCH FUN!! We tried a new camp this year and it was such a hit. They learned about pocket knives, archery, rock wall climbing, outdoor cooking, first aid and so much more. They earned a bunch of patches for their vest.
They had several friends at camp, most exciting was Makayla from Lily's old Kindergarten class. We had to celebrate camp by going to frozen yogurt one day.

We also signed up for the summer reading program at the library. We do this every summer and it's a fun way to motivate to read. Gemma especially needs to be encouraged to read.
It's an around the world theme this year. Now we just have to remember to log everything online to get prizes. The school librarian does a reading log too with prizes, they are a HUGE motivator.
The next week we met a big group of friends for a couple days at Jewish camp. They had the best time! They got to do archery again and ride horses which was a big hit. They wanted to go for the rest of the week.
We did a beach day with some of Gemma's friends. She has a really tight group of 5-6 girl friends and the moms are all really great too. 

The waves were too big with strong currents to go far out and boogie board so they stood on them at the shore and let the waves come to them and promptly wash them away.
Even though it was a really hot day at home the beach was cool and really windy.
They did two days of Gymnastics camp with friends and loved it too. They wanted to do more.
Lily went away for the weekend to Newport Beach with Scarlett. They went out on her Dad's business new whale watching boat. 
 Looks like it was a success and a fun ride!
 The hotel water slide was a hit too.

After dance camp we had a week where Lily went to zoo camp at the Moorpark Teaching Zoo in the afternoons and Gemma stayed home with Granny & Grampy and then Goppy.
 Lily and Scarlett learned all about training animals and at the end of the week got to participate in an animal training show.
 Their animal was the snowy owl. They recited the speech they had prepared by researching the animal and the zoo keepers walked around with the animal on display. Lily loved this camp and wants to do a whole week next summer.
 We also had plenty of sleep overs with friends this summer. We always seem to get talked into doing smores for sleep overs.
We had one week off from camps where the girls stayed with G&G in Carp and then we went to Vacaville for a weekend. The last week of summer the girls did Beach & Surf camp in Carpinteria. They had a blast surfing, boogie boarding, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and playing beach games. 
The day before school started on Lily's girl scout troop had a "surprise breakfast." A group of us moms drove from house to house waking the girls up and sneaking them off in their PJ's to breakfast at iHOP.
They were so excited and a little bit tired too.
Once the pancakes arrived they perked up.
This is Lily's whole troop, tow leaders,  plus the addition of little sister Gemma who is almost an honorary member when your mom is one of the drivers. 
I'd say it was a successful summer. The top camps ranked were Camp Serenity (girl scout camp), zoo camp, gymnastics, and beach camp. 

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