Sunday, September 16, 2018

A whale of a tale

Lily's girl scout troop had a fun event on the calendar to go whale watching in Newport Beach thanks to Scarlett's family who owns a whale watching boat business. Gemma had a birthday party to attend that day so she and Alex stayed back home. Everyone carpooled down to Newport on a gorgeous sunny day. Of course we had to ride the ferris wheel while we waited. 
Then we loaded up the boat and off we went. We were just the right size group that they were able to get us our own private tour on one of their new super speedy boats.
We saw tons of dolphins and they just swam all around and long with us. You could even kneel down at the side of the boat and put your hands in to try and touch one.
The boat ride ended up being 3 hours long!!
Lily got to take a ride on this boat this past summer when she spent a weekend in Newport with Scarlett and her family so she knew what a blast it was.
They took turns sitting up front and rode it like a roller coaster.
The wind really did a number on you when the boat was going at 40MPH.
We were actually turned back toward the docks thinking the whales weren't going to make an appearance when they got a call on the radio that one had been spotted. First sighting of the day.
The captain turned the boat around and away we went. Whales..... spotted!
A local celebrity, they see this whale around here almost every day. 
Heading back at the end of our wild adventure.
One last stop to see the sea lions by shore.
Then back on dry land all in one piece. We will have to go again when Dad and Gemma can come.

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