Monday, September 24, 2018

Eight is Great!

Choosing a place and theme for your birthday party and how many people to invite is such hard work when you're a party animal eight year old with  lot of friends. Do you go to the park and invite every friend you have? Do you choose one friend for a special activity? So many options. Gemma spent a long time debating and deciding what to do for her eighth. In the end she finally settled on a cupcake decorating party loosely based on the Netflix show "nailed it" with 10 friends.
We made loads and loads of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes to prepare for the Sunday afternoon party. Everyone she invited was able to attend so with  sister and birthday girl we had a party of 11.
We set the table up with all the supplies they might need to decorate cupcakes within a certain theme. 
 We scoured the internet for pictures to go on our inspiration boards.  The first round was "summer fun" theme and the second round was "animals" themed.
 We made personalized aprons for our guests in case things got messy.
 Gemma did a lot of helping and made a sign for the door.
Finally we are all set and ready for guests to arrive. 
Each guest found their spot and got ready for instructions on how to play.
 We revealed the inspiration board for the first theme. Each round they could decorate 2 cupcakes. They could either copy one of the designs on the board or make their own creation with the toppings provided.
On your mark......get set....... decorate!
Everyone took their decorating very seriously.
Gemma did a camp fire one with pretzel sticks as logs and marshmallows roasting.
Liv did a beach with a teddy graham sunbathing by the sea under his umbrella.
Lily did the sea as well with graham cracker crumbles as sand.
 Our second round of decorating with animal theme was pretty successful too. Look at Scarlett's darling chicken.
Once both rounds were complete each girl had a box with her 4 cupcakes inside for her to bring home. Judge Gemma went around and gave out a spatula trophy to each girl for a different category that represented her cupcakes. There were best use of toppings, most professional looking, most original design etc.

Then one final cupcake could be decorated any way you desired because this would be the cupcake you get to eat when we sang happy birthday to Gemma.  The girls own theme turned out to be "more is more" because they really piled on the toppings to these cupcakes. 
 Sabina didn't want to miss out on any one option so she LOADED her plate up.
Then we all sand Happy Birthday to Gemma!

After devouring a cupcake and making a disaster of the table we managed to wrangle them for a group photo. 
Not that we really got one good one out of the mix!
All the contestants winning designs on display all packaged up and ready to go home. It was a great party and everyone had a blast.
Of course opening your gifts is a pretty good time too! We had cousins over for pizza and more cupcake fun that evening.

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