Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas Day

Christmas morning started early! So early that I can't even say it was bright and early because it was still dark outside. The girls woke up around 6am. They came to inspect the tree and stockings and then woke us up.
Winsty got up and put on his holiday attire to get ready for his stocking.
Man it sure feels early and cold out. We need some coffee before we can tear into gifts.
Christmas is definitely a day to have whipped cream on your coffee. I think Gemma would agree.
Once the stockings were opened you can see the sun was starting to rise. We opened gifts from Santa first.
Lily's note included a letter from Santa to explain her gift a bit.
Lily got two lego sets that she has been really wanting that are no longer being manufactured. Gemma got the roller blades and hula hoop she has been wanting.
Then they wanted Dad to open his gift from them. They got him a London architecture lego set.
Winsty got lots of treats and a new stuffed squirrel in his stocking. He also got a dog bed warmer that plugs in to keep his blankets extra cozy. He HATES it. He won't even sit on the blankets if its under there.

Lily got cozy dragon mittens from Joel and Tonya and a kitty hat and scarf from us.
Once all the gifts under the tree had been opened we had to go outside to try out the roller blades. She is a natural of course.
We settled in to watch the Queen's speech while Lily worked on her lego sets.
I got this fun letter board sign from Kristen. I used it to write out our mutual fave saying.
We took a break after Goppy arrived to sit down to breakfast. Our tradition egg potato bake and fruit plus Jesus birthday coffee cake!

Lily worked hard until her two new lego sets were completed. Then her new dragons got to  meet all her other dragons. I think they are all happy to be together.
Gemma got a hairstyle book and a hair dryer brush so we tried out a new style. The fishtail. Not too bad.
The ladies shared a archery set. It was pretty fun. It suction cups onto the window.
Since the girls do archery at girl scout camp they knew what to do.
After a long afternoon relaxing and Dad busy in the kitchen preparing dinner we sat down to stuffed pork roast and potatoes and veg.  It was a great Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve was a busy one and went by in a flash. Lily came home from a fun filled trip to Disneyland and we headed over to Goppy's house for dinner and gift exchange with cousins. Goppy ordered Lily the new Wings of Fire book which was supposed to release on Dec 26th but came two days early! That is one happy girl!
The little elves opening up their gifts.
Gemma got some awesome fingerless gloves from her favorite store Justice from cousins. 
Gwynnie giving some Goppy love after her gift.

It was a jolly warm up for Christmas day.
Ben got a big helicopter lego set.
Little miss sparkle and shine loves everything rainbow and unicorn.
Eric kept it classy with his white trash champagne.
We all sat down to a lovely ham dinner cooked by none other than, Green Acres.
We saved room after dinner for dessert. Goppy got the cutest gingerbread ice cream cake.
It was not gingerbread ice cream although that does sound good. It was mint chip.
We're all just a little too excited to dig in.
A quick change after dessert into our clothes for church. Lily is practicing for her role as a sullen teenager and has been ruining plenty of good family photos with her scowl.
After a lovely church service we came home to get ready for the big guy to arrive. I don't think I've ever seen Gemma so thrilled to go to bed. We have to read the night before Christmas before bed.
It's the pop-up version I had as a child. Nearly crumbling but it still works.
We made sure to set the table for the morning and get the cookies and egg nog for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.
Gemma also left a tooth brush and tooth paste for Santa. She thought he would need it after eating all those cookies.
The tree was sparkling in all it's glory awaiting the morning.
Santas special gifts got a thorough inspection from the security detail in the household. 
A special letter, but it passed inspection.

Sunday, December 23, 2018


Our elf Rosie made her return again on December 1st. 
Most of the time she just  moves around to different places, playing with the holiday decorations or girls toys.
She does like sweets too and managed to trap herself in the cookie jar.
We had a lego friends advent calendar this year which Rosie enjoyed as well.
She found the left over Halloween candy and dove in head first.
Much to our dismay she tried to climb the Christmas tree and ended up causing the whole thing to topple over. I'm pretty sure the girls playing around and behind the tree for an entire day did not help the situation very much. It ended up propped against the wall in a bucket of water for a week until we had time to get it back in the stand and redecorate the whole thing. 
Not surprising she spent the day locked in the dog crate after that fiasco.
To make up for her mischief she brought elf onesie pajamas for the girls. 
Then it was more mild mischief like making snow flakes out of toilet paper.
And playing a game of marshmallow tic-tac-toe.
On her last night she prepared a sleigh in anticipation of riding home with Santa on Christmas eve.