Saturday, December 22, 2018

Besties night out

The day after school let out for Winter break we let the girls each invite one friend to come out with us for a fun evening out. Lily invited her BFF Scarlett and Gemma brought her BFF Livia. We started out with an afternoon showing of the new movie Mary Poppins returns. We have been anticipating the release of this movie for a long time! Everyone is settled in with their snack packs. 
After the movie we all went back to our house for dinner and some play time. It was home made mac n cheese and chicken strips for all. Then we loaded up in the car to go light looking. Everyone wore onesie or cozy PJ's and we brought hot cocoa and Christmas cookies.
The neighborhood in Moorpark has such great lights. We parked and walk around the neighborhood.

Doing pirouettes with the light ballet.
Don't forget sweet baby Jesus!
One house had a nice and naughty list and you could add your name to the list you think you belong. Some put their name on both just to cover the bases.

This is called "can you spot the four young girls?" I spy two elves, a unicorn, and santa's helper.
There was a wish tree where you can write a wish for the new year and hang it on the tree. Not sure why the grinch is looking on. Maybe to keep you honest.
Then another house had a letter to Santa station for you to fill out and drop in their letter box.
At the end of the night we dropped Liv home and then dropped Lily at Scarlett's for another great adventure. They invited Lily to join them at Disneyland for the next day!!!
They rose bright and early and drove down and went on rides all day long until late in the night! They came home so exhausted and happy and full of stories.
They each got cute Mickey ears at the park too.

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