Sunday, December 23, 2018


Our elf Rosie made her return again on December 1st. 
Most of the time she just  moves around to different places, playing with the holiday decorations or girls toys.
She does like sweets too and managed to trap herself in the cookie jar.
We had a lego friends advent calendar this year which Rosie enjoyed as well.
She found the left over Halloween candy and dove in head first.
Much to our dismay she tried to climb the Christmas tree and ended up causing the whole thing to topple over. I'm pretty sure the girls playing around and behind the tree for an entire day did not help the situation very much. It ended up propped against the wall in a bucket of water for a week until we had time to get it back in the stand and redecorate the whole thing. 
Not surprising she spent the day locked in the dog crate after that fiasco.
To make up for her mischief she brought elf onesie pajamas for the girls. 
Then it was more mild mischief like making snow flakes out of toilet paper.
And playing a game of marshmallow tic-tac-toe.
On her last night she prepared a sleigh in anticipation of riding home with Santa on Christmas eve.

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