Friday, December 21, 2018

Fall & Winter Fun

There is always a lot going on with school and friends in the Fall and Winter. This is a one stop round up of all our Fall and Winter fun.
The school always holds their big fund raiser Fun Run in October. It's usually hot and windy but this year was not too bad. 
A friend of mine got some good shots on her fancy camera and sent them to me at work.

Then the big event in the Fall was the big Woolsey fire. Our entire neighborhood was evacuated in the middle of the night. Then school was closed for a week plus they had the following week off for Thanksgiving. Finding childcare so we could all go back to work was a struggle.
Luckily a local sports center opened their doors to watch children so parents could work. All of Gemma's friends attended so it was like a giant all day recess.
Then finally back to school and it was already December. Gemma got to go to her best friends house for one night of Hanukkah. Liv even let her light a candle on her menorah. They played dreidel with chocolate gimel.

Lily got the 5th grade flu and was home sick wheezing one day from school. 
She was well enough to help make hot cocoa cookies with me though.
We got our tree mid December and survived the tradition of getting it up and in the house and decorated. 
Gemma's brownie troop had their holiday party at a local ice cream shop little calf creamery.
They learned about making ice cream and had sundaes.
Gemma's friend Emerson had her birthday at a local senior living residence to sing carols. 
The seniors loved it and the girls all had a great time.
Gemma's class had a holiday pajama party on the last day before break. They had lots of fun games and yummy food. 
They got to watch the polar express in the afternoon.
I got to volunteer in her class for the morning portion with Liv's mom Kerri. 

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