Sunday, December 9, 2018

MATES band & Camarillo Christmas Parade

This is Lily's second year playing trumpet in the MATES band. She had a lot of fun last year with her friends. After much debate about whether they would continue they a group... to play again this year. 
Sophia, Charlee, Lily and Olivia. Scarlett plays as well but was not able to attend the parade.
Last year the Camarillo Christmas parade was cancelled due to the Thomas fire. This year we did manage to recover from Woolsey fire before the parade and got to participate. It was a sunny and warm Saturday morning in December.
We were up bright and early to line up with middle school and high school marching bands. Our school is the only elementary school that participates.

An hour into the start of the parade it was finally our turn to join the route. Some of us Mom's followed along with water and wagons to support the band.
At the end of the parade route we met our cheering crew. Dad and Gemma as well as cousins and Auntie and Uncle came to watch the parade. We were hot and thirsty but had a great time!

The following week the band had a concert for families at the school in the evening. The beginner band performed first. It is such a contrast in how far they have come in one year.
Lily and Charlee are both on trumpet. They have a good time and did a  great job.
Lily is still debating if she would like to try band in middle school next year.

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