Sunday, December 2, 2018


Gemma had a wonderful and LONG soccer season this year. Practices started in August before school began. Her coach this year announced at the first meeting that he intended our team to go to playoffs this year. It was quite a contrast from last year when her team didn't win one game!
They decided on the team name THUNDER early on in the season and got "Dodger Blue" as their uniform color.
Each week they improved in skill and had a lot of fun. This year Gemma was in 10UG level which is a much bigger field. the game is an hour long, there are two practices a week, and games have 8 players per team.
She was number three and played some defense but mostly mid-field.

They worked very hard and won all their games except one! 
At the end of the season we had a team party at Cisco's. Coach Ed gave out our second place trophies and a personalized certificate for each girl. Gemma got "Beast Mode" because she does a lot of cartwheels and chatting in practice and then when she feels the mood during the games she can turn into beast mode and really play hard. 
One mom made personalized soccer ball cupcakes for each girl.
In 10UG they only give trophies to the 4 top teams, those teams also advance to playoffs. The trophies are a lot bigger than last year where everyone gets one for participating.
Gemma's team was a really nice group of girls and she had a lot of fun.
The following weekend we started playoffs. There were three games in one day then based on points the top teams advance to semi-finals. We won 2/3 games. 
Coach Ed and his playoff team!

At the end of the three games we ranked high enough to advance to semi-finals. This meant the following weekend we return to play a possible three games to the finals. Our first game we lost and were knocked out of competition. I think everyone was ok with going home at this point! Parents and kids alike!

 The team got a playoffs pin the previous weekend and now got a medal for making it to semi-finals.

 Gemma's trophy collection grew this year but mostly her skill and confidence level grew a ton!

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