Monday, February 18, 2019

Movies and Muir Woods

The girls get a long weekend off school every February. Many call this "ski week". Those of us who don't ski call it an excuse to go on a road trip!! This year we voted unanimously to go visit Charlotte, Elias, Nate, and Kristen in Vacaville! Some people are excited about the road trip while some people do all the driving!
It was a rainy weekend up in Northern CA. It's nice to have a bit of winter weather this year. The kids played for hours on end at the house. We also escaped to go see the new Lego movie.
Besides tons of fun play time and yummy home made pizzas we ventured to Muir woods one day to see the Redwood trees! It was cool out but so beautiful! Trying out our wing span.
It was a sunny cool day and we avoided the rain. We walked along the paths enjoying the Redwood trees and nature.
Counting the rings on a slice of a tree stump to fill out our Jr Ranger book.

We all learned a lot about the trees and park from the guide book. We also stopped to enjoy the views.

We ventured up one of the hiking paths. It was a lot of fun. We made it about 1/3 of the way before turning back to the main path.

You really have to look up high to see the tops of the trees!!
You can also squeeze into the tree trunk next to the spooky tree man face.

 The panorama picture tries to give you an idea of how tall those trees really are!
At the end of the path you turn in your ranger book and chat with a very nice park ranger to earn your badge. 

You get sworn in as a junior ranger and now it is our job to help preserve and protect the park.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Cookies, Kaleidoscope and Thinking Day

Girl Scouts busy season starts up in January with cookie sales! Right in time to ruin everyones New Years resolution. Trust me, we hear about it as we go door to door. We sold in our neighborhood on the first day of sales and then we went to sell in Gwynnie's neighborhood the next day. We brought her Gemma's old Daisy vest to wear. I can't stand how cute she is! Can't wait for her to officially join too!
We had a wagon FULL of cookies and my girl scout tote bag made by Janine! Now that I am leading Gemma's troop I have a lot of gear to tote around.
The girls have the sales pitch down by now.
Our troop sold out of cookies the first week so we went to the "cookie cupboard" to re-load. Our entire SUV was FULL of cases of cookies!
Gemma's troop participated in Thinking Day this year. Our country was Russia. 
Our booth had information about Russia and items that are Russian.
The girls performed a folk tale skit called Masha and the Bear. Lily narrated the story for us and the girls acted out the story. We don't have a lot of dance talent amongst the group so this worked out well. I think the audience liked it.
Gemma was Masha and Vivianna was the bear.
This year was really well organized and not chaotic which is a nice change. All the girls agreed this was the best Thinking Day event they have participated in by far.
After the performances you go around to all the booths to learn about the other countries and get a snack from that culture.
Lily attended Kaleidoscope camp with her troop this year. It is a special overnight camp only for Juniors. It was up in Ojai at a beautiful girl scout camp. They ended up getting lucky enough to sleep in the cabins because there had been a ton of rain that week and the tent option got rained out!
Barb her troop leader is so brave and took 6 girls to camp by herself.
They practiced lots of skills ahead of camp and then they went from station to station to compete in each event.

They even made a camp fire by themselves and cooked over a fire for lunch. They had a ton of fun!
I volunteered to drive them up to camp and help get them all settled in the cabin and started on their stations.
This is the last year of juniors and Lily will be bridging to Cadette's soon.