Monday, February 18, 2019

Movies and Muir Woods

The girls get a long weekend off school every February. Many call this "ski week". Those of us who don't ski call it an excuse to go on a road trip!! This year we voted unanimously to go visit Charlotte, Elias, Nate, and Kristen in Vacaville! Some people are excited about the road trip while some people do all the driving!
It was a rainy weekend up in Northern CA. It's nice to have a bit of winter weather this year. The kids played for hours on end at the house. We also escaped to go see the new Lego movie.
Besides tons of fun play time and yummy home made pizzas we ventured to Muir woods one day to see the Redwood trees! It was cool out but so beautiful! Trying out our wing span.
It was a sunny cool day and we avoided the rain. We walked along the paths enjoying the Redwood trees and nature.
Counting the rings on a slice of a tree stump to fill out our Jr Ranger book.

We all learned a lot about the trees and park from the guide book. We also stopped to enjoy the views.

We ventured up one of the hiking paths. It was a lot of fun. We made it about 1/3 of the way before turning back to the main path.

You really have to look up high to see the tops of the trees!!
You can also squeeze into the tree trunk next to the spooky tree man face.

 The panorama picture tries to give you an idea of how tall those trees really are!
At the end of the path you turn in your ranger book and chat with a very nice park ranger to earn your badge. 

You get sworn in as a junior ranger and now it is our job to help preserve and protect the park.

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