Friday, March 15, 2019

Learning to Learn, Geology ROCKS! and Women in History

There has been a lot of performing this winter and spring at MATES. Lily's 5th grade class performed a play called learning to learn. She was trying to explain the premise to us but it was hard to grasp until you saw it. 
It was very cute and they all did such a great job. The songs were funny and the kids really got into it.
It is so impressive how they improve over the years. In the early years you could barely understand them, they would race through their lines or barely speak. By 5th grade they are old pros.
Lily got to play a student which is the role she was hoping for.
Scarlett, Lily and Olivia. These girls are so sweet together. Every event that happens in 5th grade is bittersweet because it is the "last one".
Gemma's second grade does Geology rocks for their unit all about geology. It is such a cute show and we loved when Lily did this play so we were excited to get to experience it again.
Gemma got to be one of the students that meets Snow White. She has several lines which she nailed.

The songs are so funny and cute and they all loved when the audience erupted in laughter at a joke.
Macy, Emerson, Makayla and Gemma.
Gemma and her BFF Liv.
The fifth graders have the opportunity to participate in Women in History performances for extra credit. They spend endless recesses practicing to present information about several different woman who have made a difference in the world.

Lily was part of a group who performed about Wangari Maathai an African woman who won the nobel peace prize.

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