Sunday, March 31, 2019

Theater Season

Somehow we ended up buying various tickets to go to the theater throughout the winter months this year. We go for years without seeing a show and then we pack them all in a row. The girls saw the Lion King in London with Granny and Grampy a few summers ago but nothing since then.
We bought tickets with Auntie Boo to go see a rendition of Cinderella at the Ahmanson theater in February. We were so bummed she was unable to go at the last minute so Alex got to come with us. 
We headed downtown for our Sunday matinee show and had brunch first. We also managed a stop at Botega Louie for macaroons.
The theater is beautiful inside and out.
We were warned that it was not the actual Cinderella story but a WW2 in England version of the famous story.

It was also a ballet with music but no singing or words. It was beautiful and the dancing was superb. The girls found the story a little hard to follow so we were whispering explanations throughout.
We also attended a local children's theater production starring one of Gemma's classmates Emerson. 
It was Peter Pan in Kensignton gardens. It was really cute and fun to support her.
In March we went to see the Broadway show CATS at the Pantages theater in Hollywood. We had taken Lily to see Guys and Dolls at the Ahmanson a year or so ago but this was Gemma's first time. We learned that matinee shows are better for us all and our early bedtimes. We headed out a bit early and grabbed a burger before the show.
The theater is just gorgeous. There were lots of children in attendance as well.
The set and costumes were beautiful. We had prepped everyone on the story line ahead of time so we wouldn't have too much confusion as the show went on. None of us had seen CATS before and the show is really a series of scenes about different cat personalities.
We all know the cat lover Lily would relate. I think they enjoyed the show but it is a bit long and with all singing but no dialogue they found it hard to follow.
Lastly in our theater marathon we went to see Mathilda at our civic arts plaza. One of Lily's classmates happened to be starring as Mathilda and we got tickets for her last night performance. The show was really great and deviated from the book slightly but in fun little ways. 
We went along with our friends the Justice's  so it was extra fun to watch with some of your besties.
Let's see how long it takes us to see another show. We have chorus season coming up with Gemma in Aristocats and Lily in Annie so I think we will get our fill of theater for a whole year to come. 

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