Sunday, April 21, 2019


Easter morning we woke bright and early to hunt for the Easter baskets the bunny hid in the house. He seems to hide it harder each year but it didn't take TOO long for us to find them. Lily and Gemma then woke us to tell us all about the hunt and watch them dig through their basket. 
They each got a treat from Granny and Grampy too. It included a crisp $20 bill each!
Gemma also got a neck pillow to take on the plane to Africa. She will fit in with the giraffes.

After baskets and a quick breakfast it was time to get ready for church. We wore bright sunny sundresses for the occasion. It was a waiting game to eat some chocolate bunnies after church.
Once home from church we had a little time before heading over to Easter lunch at cousin Meagan's house. We made fruit tarts to share, with our home made lemon curd from lemons off Goppy's tree.
Of course a highlight of Easter Sunday is the egg hunt. 
The eggs were filled with yummy goodies and also some money! Goppy also brought goody bags for all the kids. Gwyn loved hers with pirates booty.
Ben was a big money winner. He got $6 although some adults may have tipped him off where the eggs with money were hiding. I think we have to hide the adults during the egg hunt next year.
Lily was not impressed with the lack of money in her eggs.
As always we had warm sunny weather.
Reese and Conall have a new kitty and he is just the sweetest thing. Lily was smitten.
We all got to take left overs home and relax in the evening before back to work and school.

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