Friday, April 19, 2019

P!NK concert

For one of the girls Christmas presents I bought them tickets to see P!NK in concert when they came to the Forum in Spring. It seemed like a long wait from Christmas until April.
The concert was on a Friday night during Spring Break. We went down to Santa Monica during the day to avoid traffic. Then we ate dinner before heading to the show.
The show opened with a DJ playing music and then the opening act. Neither were terribly impressive. It was 9:30PM before P!NK actually took the stage.
She came in on a huge chandelier and then dropped down off it from bungee onto the stage again and again.
The show was absolutely amazing. She had so much energy and there was trapeze, aerials, fire, fireworks, you name it!!
She played for 2 hours straight. It was a long show and it was very late by the time it ended. We stood and danced and sang along to our favorite songs.
Lily was worn out and didn't have it in her to stand for the concert. Gemma was more enthusiastic but still tired.

She puts on one of the best shows I've seen and worth the late night and loud music.

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