Monday, April 15, 2019

Sequoias- Cat Haven and Sledding

On our next day we had decided to visit Cat Haven.outside Kings canyon park about 20 minutes from our cabin. It is a park geared toward education and raising funds for conservation efforts for cats in the wild. 

Lily was in cat heaven with all sorts of large and small cats up close for viewing. 

 Lily liked the bobcats a lot. Maytag, Whirlpool and Ru.
This is Samba a black Jaguar. The picture doesn't do his coloring justice because although he looks completely back he actually  has jaguar spots underneath his black coloring. So beautiful.

All tours are guide led and she carried a baby bottle of milk to squirt for the cats to give them a little treat and allow us a close up view. 
Rose the Jaguar was in the cage with Samba.
A fan favorite was the snow leopard sisters Anna and Elsa.
They really like the milk and kept coming for more.
Dianna is their white tiger. 
Apollo is a new resident. He is a 7month old tiger. He is learning to make friends with Dianna before they attempt to let them into the enclosure together.

After leaving Cat Haven we headed up the road back towards the park.
We decided to stop into the rangers station for our lunch and turn in the junior ranger book and get sworn in as rangers.You have to pledge to help protect nature and the parks and eat all your vegetables.
Finally it was time to make all their dreams come true. Luckily our cabin had sleds we could use and we pieced together our winter gear to hit the sleds.
We went to the designated snow play area first. We found a pretty good sled run some other groups had formed in the hillside. It was a fun one and Gemma was a huge fan.

 Gemma took about 100 rides down the hill.
 We tried on our knees.
 We tried on our bellies.
 Pretty much always a spray of snow in the face.
 Lily decided building a snow fort was a better use of her time.

After our fill at the snow play area we headed to the Kings Canyon look out we had stopped at the day before. We saw some people sledding there and that's where they girls did the test run on their butts.
It turned out to be a better sled run than the snow play area.
We ventured down the hill a ways and found a sweet sledding hill all to ourselves.

 As the day wore on the weather got even colder and the clouds rolled in.

 After about another 100 runs they were soaked to the bone.

 No matter how much ice to the face they kept going.
Finally frozen and exhausted we headed back to the car to strip down and change into dry clothes. We headed back to the cabin to warm up by the fire for one final night before our last day and heading home tomorrow.

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