Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Sequoias- Snow and General Sherman Tree

Our last day in the Sequoias we packed up the car and said goodbye to the cabin before hitting the park for one last time. It had turned cold overnight and snowed up in the park. The snow covered trees were absolutely stunning. We have never seen so much snow anywhere! The snow pile on the side of the roads was nearly taller than our car!
We headed south into the park and stopped at the Lodgepole visitors center one last time. The roads were open and no chains were required but it was wet and slushy. The coldest temp we reached was 35, so close to freezing!
A little further south and we reached the General Sherman Tree. The largest tree in the world! We made a slushy cold trek into the forest to view it.
 You can see him in the background in the fog.

Two girls in front of twin trees.
It was so cold and snowy the Sherman was up in the clouds at the top. It was a beautiful way to view the trees. It would take 20 people holding hands to circle the Sherman tree.

We walked the trails for a short while checking out the forest of giants. Some groups were out snow shoeing the trails. It was sort of spitting icy rain so not the ideal environment for our version of hiking.
We stopped a few miles further down the road to the Museum of Giants to learn about the trees some more. We had hoped to do a hike to the Tunnel log and Morro rock which are snowed in but the weather was not ideal. We carried on further south toward the Foothill entrance.

We stopped at Hospital rock and ventured down to the middle fork of the Kaweah river. It was absolutely gushing from all the melting snow and rain.

It was nice to get one last little hike in. We also stopped at tunnel rock. 
The south entrance by the Three Rivers has a cool lookout of the river and fun sign.

An easy three hour drive and we were home! Of course now we want to return again in the summer and do more hiking, exploring and see the trees and forest when they are not covered in snow. I think the fun of the snow overshadowed the awe of the trees for the two girls. So glad we could provide them with snow on Spring break in California. 

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