Thursday, May 23, 2019

Shawl Business

Lily has been taking sewing lessons after school this year once a week with her friend Sabina.
 They have made various projects from draw string bags to totes and little stuffed animals. More recently they both decided to make a shawl out of fleece. The teacher provides the materials and helps with the pattern and cutting. The girls do the sewing.
 They each made the cutest shawls which Lily pretty much lives in and has become obsessed with.
By wearing her shawl to school she has drawn quite a lot of attention and requests to make shawls for her friends. Thus has begun the shawl business. 
The shawl business is taking off and she has started to sew them at home on my machine as well. She got the pattern for herself in her easter basket and is making them for adults as well. Her girl scout troop leader Barb was her first adult order. Even her school principal has complemented her on her shawl.

She has learned a lot about how to run a business and how to price your product. How to budget for supplies and make sure you make a profit.

So far she has about 7 more orders to fulfill so it will be a busy weekend of buying fabric and sewing orders. She keeps all her information in a business journal and her receipts and swatches of fabric as well as photos of her products.
We have some happy customers!!

Band Festival

The all district band festival at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts plaza was held on May 22nd. It was Lily's second year participating.
Lily has come so far in her trumpet playing. It is amazing to see how much improvement each year can make. She is hesitantly agreeing to play intermediate band in middle school next year.

She has also been taking weekly private lessons to improve her playing, confidence and learn to site read music. She has been growing so much. The all district festival includes Elementary, Middle and High school bands. 
The Thousand Oaks high school band performed and were amazing.
The following night was open house at school. They show off their work in the classrooms from the year. There was also a band concert to kick off the night.

 It's a much smaller group when it's just mates kids.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Junior Chorus Presents: Aristocats

When Lily was in Junior Chorus her first year they performed Aristicats Jr for the Spring play. Lily was an alley cat and after her performances we adored we thought, well at least we can get those songs out of our heads now! Well now that Gemma is in her first production with Junior Chorus we are right back at it. Mr. Laguardia chose Aristocats again!! 
After a grueling audition process Gemma was thrilled to learn she got the part she had auditioned for. Roguefort the mouse!!! It was many many weeks of rehearsals and learning lines.
Her cast performed on Saturday night and the second cast performed on Sunday matinee. They also had dress rehearsal shows during the week for family and friends to catch a sneak peak.
The mouse costume is absolutely adorable, it really is a fun part. The mouse steals the show and even saves the day!
All the alley cats had so much choreography to learn and so many songs!
The main character cats and of course Monsieur Roguefort.

The cats get trapped by the butler who is trying to get rid of them so he can inherit the Madame's money. Roguefort discovers the plot and has to save the day!
Gemma even gets a little solo song to sing!

For the weekend performances they got full make up as well. It doesn't get any cuter than this. She did such a great job, we were so proud!

All her friends had the best time and ran around after the shows.
Of course it's not a show unless you get flowers after as well.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mother's Day

We had a crazy Mothers Day with year with last minute crisis and ill mother! Alex woke up to a work catastrophe which dragged him away to the office for the whole day. Luckily my two girls were on best behavior and we made a lovely breakfast to enjoy outside.

Breakfast on the patio in your jammies and eye shields is way better than a restaurant in my book. Oh and no, eye shields are not just for sleeping. Apparently they work great to keep your forehead warm too.
Our Conejo Valley Days prize fish were up and swimming for breakfast. Since then we have lost two of our fish but it looks like two of them may be here for the long haul!
After we cleaned up brunch and relaxed a bit we set to baking a birthday cake for Goppy. She and Eric and Rach and the crew were coming over for dinner. Gemma decided the cake should be baked in our dog bone shaped pan. Winsty agreed. Then the girls did the honor of frosting it with a salted caramel chocolate ganache frosting. It was delicious. Too bad Goppy called to say she was home sick with a stomach bug and couldn't come!!!
Cousins arrived for dinner and we sent Goppy a photo of her Mother's day and birthday sign in her absence.
We made sure to sing Happy Birthday to her before we dug into her yummy cake. Good thing she was feeling better on the next day and we brought her some cake to her house to enjoy.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Brownie end of year Luau

Gemma's Brownie troop had their end of the year wrap up party at a park. It was Luau themed and I made the food. I think it was a big hit. We had teriyaki-pineapple chicken, Hawaiian rolls, rice, macaroni salad and fresh pineapple. It was plate-lunch style like in Hawaii. Minus the Mai-Tai's which we should have had too. 
Everyone picnicked on the grass and played lawn games.
Lily was my big helper and took her leadership role as an older scout very seriously. She may have been offered a reward in Joann's fabric for her efforts.

After lunch the girls played on the playground until it was time for our little awards ceremony and craft.

Gemma wore her grass (plastic) skirt for the occasion.
We gathered the girls and they received a flower lei with two patches and two pins for participating in Brownies this year.

Then we had organized for the girls to each make a tie dye fabric tote.
It was a lot of fun and only minimally messy.
Gemma borrowed Amanda's ukulele to play. She has been wanting one for a while now.
The parents also gave us troop leaders a custom wine glass and gift cards for wine and flowers. They know what fuels us as leaders. True.
Next year is the second year as Brownies. We have a summer break before it gets started back up with the school year.