Sunday, May 19, 2019

Junior Chorus Presents: Aristocats

When Lily was in Junior Chorus her first year they performed Aristicats Jr for the Spring play. Lily was an alley cat and after her performances we adored we thought, well at least we can get those songs out of our heads now! Well now that Gemma is in her first production with Junior Chorus we are right back at it. Mr. Laguardia chose Aristocats again!! 
After a grueling audition process Gemma was thrilled to learn she got the part she had auditioned for. Roguefort the mouse!!! It was many many weeks of rehearsals and learning lines.
Her cast performed on Saturday night and the second cast performed on Sunday matinee. They also had dress rehearsal shows during the week for family and friends to catch a sneak peak.
The mouse costume is absolutely adorable, it really is a fun part. The mouse steals the show and even saves the day!
All the alley cats had so much choreography to learn and so many songs!
The main character cats and of course Monsieur Roguefort.

The cats get trapped by the butler who is trying to get rid of them so he can inherit the Madame's money. Roguefort discovers the plot and has to save the day!
Gemma even gets a little solo song to sing!

For the weekend performances they got full make up as well. It doesn't get any cuter than this. She did such a great job, we were so proud!

All her friends had the best time and ran around after the shows.
Of course it's not a show unless you get flowers after as well.

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