Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mother's Day

We had a crazy Mothers Day with year with last minute crisis and ill mother! Alex woke up to a work catastrophe which dragged him away to the office for the whole day. Luckily my two girls were on best behavior and we made a lovely breakfast to enjoy outside.

Breakfast on the patio in your jammies and eye shields is way better than a restaurant in my book. Oh and no, eye shields are not just for sleeping. Apparently they work great to keep your forehead warm too.
Our Conejo Valley Days prize fish were up and swimming for breakfast. Since then we have lost two of our fish but it looks like two of them may be here for the long haul!
After we cleaned up brunch and relaxed a bit we set to baking a birthday cake for Goppy. She and Eric and Rach and the crew were coming over for dinner. Gemma decided the cake should be baked in our dog bone shaped pan. Winsty agreed. Then the girls did the honor of frosting it with a salted caramel chocolate ganache frosting. It was delicious. Too bad Goppy called to say she was home sick with a stomach bug and couldn't come!!!
Cousins arrived for dinner and we sent Goppy a photo of her Mother's day and birthday sign in her absence.
We made sure to sing Happy Birthday to her before we dug into her yummy cake. Good thing she was feeling better on the next day and we brought her some cake to her house to enjoy.

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