Thursday, May 23, 2019

Shawl Business

Lily has been taking sewing lessons after school this year once a week with her friend Sabina.
 They have made various projects from draw string bags to totes and little stuffed animals. More recently they both decided to make a shawl out of fleece. The teacher provides the materials and helps with the pattern and cutting. The girls do the sewing.
 They each made the cutest shawls which Lily pretty much lives in and has become obsessed with.
By wearing her shawl to school she has drawn quite a lot of attention and requests to make shawls for her friends. Thus has begun the shawl business. 
The shawl business is taking off and she has started to sew them at home on my machine as well. She got the pattern for herself in her easter basket and is making them for adults as well. Her girl scout troop leader Barb was her first adult order. Even her school principal has complemented her on her shawl.

She has learned a lot about how to run a business and how to price your product. How to budget for supplies and make sure you make a profit.

So far she has about 7 more orders to fulfill so it will be a busy weekend of buying fabric and sewing orders. She keeps all her information in a business journal and her receipts and swatches of fabric as well as photos of her products.
We have some happy customers!!

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