Sunday, June 2, 2019


Sr Chorus performed Annie Jr for this years spring musical. They spent so many long months auditioning, rehearsing and the last weekend before school was out was finally time for the performance. They had three casts because there were so many 4th and 5th graders that auditioned.
Lily auditioned to be one of the orphans. She was given the role of the apple seller which had several lines and got to be the part for all three casts instead of just one night. Plus there wasn't a ton of singing and choreography to memorize!
Scarlett was Mrs. Hannigan for one cast. She did a superb job.

Lily had to sell an apple to Annie and then Annie would toss it back to her and she had to catch it in her basket. She did a great job all three nights and didn't slip up at all!
She also got to perform in the big NYC number signing and dancing.

The whole cast did such a great job and had so much fun. It was a bittersweet ending since it would be the Fifth graders last show at MATES. The after party on Sunday was a bit of an emotional scene for many of them.
Lily had so much fun performing with all her friends and has come such a long way in four years of performing. The amount of growth from second grade to fifth is astounding.
Cousins came to support her and see her show as always! 
After the grand finale one last moment on stage in costume with her flowers.

Lily says she has retired from performing in musicals so we will see what middle school holds.

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