Saturday, June 29, 2019

Lily turns 11 !!

Lily decided to have a sleep over party for her 11th birthday with a few close friends. She had Liv who is Gemma's BFF and always gets to come to our parties.
 Gemma made a sweet home-made gift for Lily and put so much work and effort into it. Lily loved it.
 Sophia is in girl scouts with Lily, her mom Barb is the leader, and they have grown very close.
 Sabina was Lily's first friend at MATES in Kindergarten and they have become good friends again after our trip to Kauai last summer. Sewing class buddies they are modeling their new shorts they sewed in their latest class.
 Scarlett of course, it would not be a birthday without her BFF there. We had to juggle many dates to make sure all these girls could make it.
 Scarlett is taking Lily to Harry Potter World for her birthday present.
After dinner and gifts it was time for cake. Lily chose chocolate lava cakes with vanilla ice cream.
Then they watched a movie. It was a vote between: Holes, Sisterhood of the traveling pants, and 13 going on 30. The clear winner was 13 going on 30, it was a big hit.
The older girls snuggled in to the guest bedroom, two on the bed and two on the floor. Gemma and Liv slept in Lily's room with the trundle bed.
After much giggling and goofing off they finally crashed out at 11:30pm. They woke up a bit before 7am. Not too bad. They all played on the trampoline for hours with balloons under their shirts like they were pregnant!! Then they had pancakes and bacon and strawberries! It was a big hit.

Lily's actual birthday was the following weekend. It was nice to all be home together on her birthday. We had to start with some gifts in bed. 
 Gift cards, a desk for her room, and a huge lego set!!

 Then we had breakfast outside in the beautiful weather. Lily's choice was cinnamon rolls and again with the bacon.
We had a low key day at home then went out to dinner to meet up with cousins and Goppy. Lily wanted In'n'out for her birthday dinner. It was a crowd pleaser.
 Then back to our house for some play time and cake of course. Lily wanted some kitties on her cake and eleven candles too!

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