Friday, June 7, 2019

Lily's 5th grade culmination

For weeks leading up to the last day of school the fifth graders were so sad anticipating the end of their time at MATES. They had made such great friendships and so many memories. By the time the morning of culmination arrived they were full of excitement.
While family and friends line up in front of the MPR waiting to be let in the kids run around and act goofy together for one last time. Lily was all decked out in a new dress and shoes with some of her girl scout troop friends.
The kids checked in at their classroom and the parents eagerly waited in the MPR. 

The students filed in from the back and made their way up the stage to the risers. They performed several songs. The director and the two fifth grade teachers gave speeches.

One student from each class was also selected to give a speech as well. They were very heartfelt and touching about their time her at MATES and how much the teachers and friendships meant to them.Each teacher gave a speech as well.

Each student was called by name to receive their certificate and shake hands.

 Lily had Ms. Winter for her teacher this year and loved being in her class. She is the perfect mix of kind and strict to prepare them for middle school.

We made our kids pose with all the decorations we so painstakingly hung the night before. Lily and her best friend Scarlett and her mom Julie. These girls have been together every year here at MATES and will be going to different middle schools in the Fall.

Mrs. Linklater was Lily & Gemma's second grade teacher and an absolute favorite. I think every student that has ever had her claims her as their favorite too.

Lily, Scarlett and Charlee are more sad to say goodbye.
Sabina was one of the students that was chosen to give a speech. She did a wonderful job! She and Lily will be starting middle school together in the Fall and are so excited to have each other.
Olivia also gave a speech and brought everyone close to tears. Herself most of all.

After the culmination ceremony students can leave school with their parents. Later that afternoon some families had organized a fifth grade party at a summer camp in Malibu canyon. It was amazing!
They had a dunk tank, water slides, a swimming pool, and more!
We were only able to stay an hour or so because we had a plane to catch to Portland. Lily made the most of her hour with her friends.

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