Sunday, June 9, 2019

Owen graduates High School

Right after school got out and Lily had her culmination and party we hit the road for the airport to fly to Portland. Owen was graduating high school and we all wanted to go see him and help him celebrate.
We had a great flight up passing snacks amongst cousins.
After arriving and having dinner and catching up with cousins we went to bed. In the AM we had tons of snuggles with August the biggest lap dog you ever met.
We had some time before we had to get ready for graduation so we took the kids to swim at the hotel pool.
 The kids swam for hours each day we were there. It was so fun to have so much cousin time.

Before Owen had to leave to get to the graduation stadium we gave him his gifts and in exchange forced him to pose for photos with us all. We made Owen a candy bar "card" and a lei made out of money.

He got plenty of money to help with college and a new laptop for school too.

 Pictures were going so well until we tried to get one with all the cousins. Gwyn has somehow developed an irrational fear of Owen. When he has come to LA in the past it usually wears off after an evening together. She says he is too "big" and that's why he is scary. This trip the fear went to the next level.
We couldn't even get her to look at him or really be in the same room with him. It's going to be fun to laugh at all this years from now.

 With all the silly kids we didn't really get one decent photo but that's the memories we have of the weekend too.

 Owen was a trooper posing with us all. Ben got some uncle love as well.
We all piled into the giant van to drive to the stadium downtown for the ceremony.
 We found a good spot behind the handicap parking for Goppy and passed around goldfish and candy to occupy the crew.
Luckily we were able to spot him in the huge crowd of graduating seniors. 
The fan favorite was the service dog who was chilling the whole time in his cap.
After the ceremony we managed to find Owen in the sea of people. 
Owen's girlfriend Ariah graduated this year as well from another high school so she was able to attend and watch Owen with us.
After graduation Owen went to grad night until the wee hours of the morning so he was sleeping in the next day. We had planned a little surprise for him while he slept. We covered his door in streamers of his school colors and then stuffed them with balloons.
When he woke up and opened the door the balloons came tumbling in his room and he was trapped! Luckily we were right there when he opened it and got to see. He was surprised!
They had a small graduation party for him that afternoon at the house and it was beautiful weather to sit out and relax. Everyone had a great time and then there was time for more swimming at the pool. It was a bummer to have to leave the next day to go back to work and summer camps! Such a fun filled busy weekend!

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