Sunday, July 7, 2019

Dubai - Desert Safari

When we decided to lay over in Dubai on our way to Tanzania we knew immediately we wanted to take a desert safari. It sounds and is super touristy but is still a great way to get out of the city and enjoy the desert surrounding Dubai. 
The tour we took was on desert preserve land so we saw many Arabian Oryx which was neat. Getting us ready for safari.
After pick up at our hotel we made it to the start point where all the vehicles line up and release air from the tires and prepare for the wild ride on the sand dunes.  We could get out to stretch our legs. Or do cartwheels in the sand. Or leave your prints for the next explorer to find. Outside of the city about 45 minutes drive it was not humid anymore and more of the dry heat we are used to. 
All squeezed in to the Land Cruisers.

Once all the vehicles arrived and are prepared you venture out to zoom up, over, and around the sand dunes.

It is so vast out here and they take different trails every day. In fact, the tracks in the sand get covered up in about 20 minutes time he said so you could not retrace your steps. Don't get lost in the desert!!
After about 20 minutes of hairpin turns and drops and racing up and down the hills we all stopped to watch the sunset and play on the dunes.
Gem and Lily wanted to ride down the dunes on a snowboard.

Then our driver/photographer prompted us to do a million and one hilarious dune photographs.

Some more dorky than others of course. It was still very hot out and it didn't really help that the sand was blowing a bit in the wind so the girls were getting a face full of sand.

Our best attempts at sunset photos.

After the sunset on the dunes we drove a short way to the camp where we would enjoy dinner, belly dancing show, camel rides and more. 
The camels were all lined up on our arrival anxiously waiting to give us the ride of our lives.
I think we all know camels are a finicky group. Luckily these had spit covers on their mouths. It didn't help with their attitude though. They were pretty well behaved. The girls were nervous for the standing and sitting portion of  the ride.
Getting on was easy enough but then you had to hold on tight and lean back as the camel stands up.
Once you are up they lead the camels all connected by rope in a circle, you pose for a photo of course and then after the short loop it's time to have the camel sit again so you can get off.
Alex and I found the ride exciting, the girls said it was "terrifying".
Then you could hold a falcon.

Perhaps the highlight of the evening was getting henna tattoos. The girls were really looking forward to this and took it very seriously.

They were really beautiful and lasted about a week before washing off.
The barbeque dinner was served and was tasty and then there was a belly dance show. The poor lady was so hot and you could tell she was trying to be elegant and professional but was dripping in sweat. 

The evening ended about 9:30 pm and then we had the ride back to our hotel. It was a fun evening and we got a taste of  the middle east. 

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