Saturday, July 6, 2019

Dubai - Souks and Wild Wadi Water Park

After a really long first day in Dubai and some jet lag tossing and turning in the night we took an easier morning on day two. We had our usual hotel breakfast and then decided to take a look at an indoor souk in Jumeirah beach area. The famous Burj al Arab Jumeirah is the seven star hotel in the background.
It was another million degree day so we minimized out outside time.
The souks are indoor and replicate the original outdoor shopping souks in the old town, which we would visit on our layover after Africa, but with one key difference. Air conditioning. This man was making colored sand art in a jar. He customizes each one with camels and your name. Gemma was sold!
She picked her sand colors and he made it right in front of us in a matter of minutes.
The souks felt so real like you were walking down an old city street.

We had meant to come here to take a boat tour among the canals. When we arrived the prices were higher than we had researched and decided it wasn't worth it to melt on a boat in the hot sun for 30 minutes.
A few last turns in the souks and then it was back to the hotel to relax before our evening adventure on our desert safari!
Our hotel had a pool on the lower roof top and it was shady enough from the buildings around us. As long as you stay wet or under water it wasn't too hot. Rather than deal with layering on the sunscreen we wore our rash guards.

The good life is laying beside a pool with a icy cold sprite.
Or a coke light if you prefer!!
Our evening of fun in the desert deserves it'd own post so we'll skip to the next day when we went to the Wild Wadi Water park!!! We knew we'd be up late from the night before and still struggling with jet lag. We made it to the water park just after 10 am when it opened.
There are a lot of water parks in Dubai. I guess that's what you get when it's hot year round.  We had just started taking our malaria pills to prepare for Tanzania so it was extra rough in the heat feeling sort of tired and dizzy. Get us in to that WATER!!
This one is right across from the famous hotel and if you are a guest there at $1000 a night you get free access to the water park. I think I'll just pay to get in the water park. As long as you stay wet it is tolerable in the heat.

The girls ran around from ride to ride and we set up a home base in the shade to try and stay cool.
The wave pool was the coolest place to be. We could just float in the shallow and beat the heat. 

There were lots of wild rides too. The girls loved the Burj Surj and tantrum alley where you all 4 ride in a yellow raft down the series of tubes and tunnels.

We made it about 6 hours before we felt the heat closing in on us and needed to escape back to the hotel. We also had to pack up and get prepared for our return the the airport tomorrow to meet up with Granny and Grampy and head for Tanzania!!

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