Friday, July 12, 2019

Ikuka Camp

After we arrived at Ikuka camp and had our lunch at the main lodge we were taken to see our rooms where we would stay for 3 nights. The owner and his wife have built this lodge after running other safari camps for years. It is only a few years old and they had recently added the Hondo Hondo cabin. We were the lucky fourth guests to stay there.
By lucky I mean we were really lucky!! It was absolutely stunning and had it's own private swimming pool! I'll never forget as we were being shown to the room by the owner Gemma sees the place and the private pool and exclaims loudly "Mom!! You said only rich people get a room with their own private pool!"
There was a sitting area, king size bed, and full luxurious bathroom downstairs. Then up in the loft there was a bedroom with two twin sized beds. 
As Alex and I roamed around and ooohed and aahhhed the girls wasted no time getting into swim suits to try out the pool.
The bathroom had double sinks that overlooked the views and a shower, toilet, plus this amazing soaking tub.
The pool was very chilly but that did not stop Gemma!

It was so perfect and lovely I almost hesitated to leave and go see any animals at all. Can't they just parade the animals past us from the view of our room?
We could see elephant off in the distance but we did not have any critters visit us here at our camp. Plus no river nearby meant to hippos and gators to roam through. 
We tried out every inch of our new home. Granny and Grampy were our next door neigbors and had a very similar room without the loft or pool.
We were not home for sunrise/ sunsets as we were off seeing animals but we did get to watch the sunrise on our last morning here and it was spectacular. Alex set up his phone and did a time lapse video which turned out pretty cool.
We all had a chance to take a soak in the bath as you feel covered in a second skin of dirt from the day on safari. Gemma got the upgrade to sunrise soak on our last morning.
We had our meals in the main lodge which also has spectacular views and a larger infinity pool.
Sitting here every day for meals we were so spoiled. Now you can see why it's a miracle anyone ever leaves camp to go see animals. One of the guest was an older single lady and she spent a few weeks here every summer. She went on a few game drives here or there but also spent a good deal of her time at the lodge enjoying the views. Sounds like a great retirement plan to me.
Breakfasts we had out on safari and then much like Impala camp we would return about noon to have lunch and a little relax at camp. Around 4pm we would venture out again for a game drive and then watch the sunset with drinks and snacks before returning to camp for dinner. Most guests had dinner at 8pm at the main lodge and they served family style with one big table for all the guests. Our group was never going to be able to stay up that late so we had dinner ourselves at 7pm after returning from our drive. One of the camp staff would join us for dinner which was lovely to hear their stories and get to know them a little better. Our girls remarked about how much they had to talk to new adults and make conversation. It was very good for their often introverted selves to make conversation with new adults. The staff was so warm and welcoming and always helping the girls fill their plate and eat their meals. I didn't have to do any of the pestering!! One lunch Lily had a plate loaded high with food and I said why did you take so much? and she said I didn't but the lady helping me kept telling me to take more and filling my plate. The food was so amazing we didn't let any of it go to waste.

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