Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Impala Camp Day 2

Morning two we woke bright and cheery. Well, maybe not quite. Our wake up call at 5:30 with coffee and biscuits was a delight again. We let the girls sleep until the very last possible moment before we needed to throw their clothes on and head out. They were wiped out from the long day before. All geared up and we had two Masai this morning. Lily decided to use her girl scout fanny pack to carry her camera (she used her itouch) and her safari animal checklist and pen. She wore her leopard shirt to give us good luck to see some more cats.
The sun rising through the trees was a sight to see. The trees and plants in Africa are just as unique and beautiful as the animals are.

It was a lovely morning and while cool it was not as cold as I thought it might be.
We saw our favorite giraffes right away. They were much closer to camp now that the Lions hadn't been in the area the night before.

They are definitely concerned about what we are doing when our vehicle approaches.

We had a long morning drive seeing animals and searching for more lions before Ezra found a good place for us to break for breakfast. We noticed some funny little mounds in the dust under the tree and he was showing us the ant lion that lives in the mound. He is part of the "small five" animals of Africa. He traps his prey in the sand pits. If you drop a blade of grass in the sand pit you can see it try to catch the food. 

See our truck parked under the shade of the tree. We didn't wander very far from the truck, this is just the potty bush.
Breakfast selfies. We had a lovely leisurely meal and plenty of hot coffee and of course then had to mark our territory. You can see our vehicle under the tree.
After breakfast we headed out to see more wildlife. Ezra stopped to give us a lesson on giraffe poop and how you can tell if it was from a male or female by it's shape.

Even from the roads and driving from one area to another you can see the beauty in the landscape. Just be sure to hold on as we race down the gravel and dirt roads.

We caught sight of more zebra and this larger group didn't seem as bothered by our presence.

We heard word from other guides that there were some lions about and that there had been sighting of a very young lion cub. 
The lion pride wasn't hard to find, several other vehicles were there watching as well. The lionesses were lounging in the sun in a heavily brushed area. 
They act just like Winston does it was so funny. We could see several lions tucked away under bushes but the baby lion was hidden from view.

Ezra was not about to miss out on spotting the baby. He took us up and around through brush and trees pretty much where no vehicle has probably every gone before. Just as we thought the baby would escape our view we managed to catch sight of him checking us out wondering what the heck we were doing. He was just a few months old.

As you can see it was quite the hot item to see that day. Everyone wanted a glimpse. Having had our turn we headed off to  make our way back to camp for lunch.
A giant hippo skull sits along the edge of our camp. Warning you not to wander about at night!
Alex the explorer surveying his African lands.
The main lodge where we take all our meals is wide open and high above the animals. Lions don't know how to climb stairs right?
Gemma and her ancestor baboon skull.
Lunch was amazing again. Salads, bread stick snakes and fried calamari.
We all enjoyed the meals at our lodges so much. The girls did great and tried everything offered. Even finding some new foods they had never tried. The apple crumble dessert was a hit of course.
Then it was time to cool off in the pool before afternoon game drives began. We had the pool to ourselves both days. Apparently no one else brought younger children to do canon balls in the pool. There were a few teens at our camps but no kids our ages. They said they do get school aged children a but later in July and August.
It was nice to relax in the sun.
Really by the time we finished up lunch and got changed for the pool we only had about 30 minutes to relax and swim. The day just aren't long enough. After our quick dip in the pool we headed back to change for the beginning of our afternoon drive.
For the afternoon they offered another boat ride perhaps down a different part of the river but how many sunning alligators and hippo ears do you need to see? We opted for a game drive and requested some elephants perhaps. It did not disappoint.
The elephants apparently cross the river for the day to eat and then cross again at dusk to return to their "home"? So we aimed to catch them at crossing time.  We found several from a herd that had just crossed the river. You can see they were still a bit wet on their feet.
They were not threatened by us but perhaps curious and this fella came marching straight over and used his trunk to feel the hood of our vehicle. It was amazing!
Then we caught sight of this little baby ellie! Ezra said he was still a bit wobbly on his feet so he must have been very newly born and still getting steady walking.
He stuck very close to his moms side or under her the whole time. She was not interested in coming to nuzzle our car.
This guy came right over to us head on. Not in an aggressive way but just more curious.
We spent all afternoon and into sunset watching these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. African elephants have distinctive large ears compared to asian elephants and both male and female can have tusks unless they are just born without them.
These little safari creatures were very wild. 
Back at the lodge we had another beautiful candle lit dinner. Of course dinner ended with Gemma begging to go to bed before dessert was even served. When will that ever happen besides Africa?
One delight on the path home to our tents was with jelly cat sighting. Lily is really a fan of ANY cat species so she was thrilled to have seen this one.
Home sweet tent. By this time we had grown used to sleeping in the tents and with the sounds of the animals around us. If it was Lions one night it was Hippos the next and lastly monkeys playing on the roof of the tent. No inside visitors allowed though!

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