Monday, July 8, 2019

Off to Tanzania

After our 3 days in Dubai we were ready for the next part of our adventure! Off to Tanzania! We met up with Granny and Grampy in the airport and waited our turn to board the flight. 
The five hour flight seems like nothing after our super long 16 hour one.
It's more fun to fly with grandparents. More people to entertain the kids!
We didn't need too much entertaining though, between the in flight unlimited movies and the kids travel bag goodies and meals. The girls got another cute bag from Emirates with pencils and stickers etc. Not too many more years they will be getting the kiddie stuff!
It was a whirlwind landing in Dar Es Salaam and customs/immigration. The girls found it interesting how the plane landed and then there is a tiny area where you line up and get your passports and visas checked all in a quite chaotic disorganized system. No organized lines and digital scanners like Dubai and US. Luckily all our paperwork was in order and after finally locating our luggage we were whisked off to the nearby small plane terminal to make our flight to our safari camp.
We were very excited for our small plane journeys to our camp locations. These 12 seater planes load up in a matter of minutes and before you know it you are in the air to your next dirt strip landing destination.

It was a beautiful late afternoon early evening time to fly.
From Dar Es Salaam it was about an hour flight to Selous game reserve which is in the central/southern part of the country.

We were greeted at our destination by our guide Ezra who would be showing us around Selous for the next two days.
We loaded into our safari vehicle for the first time and got ready for our adventure. It was about a 30 minute drive to the camp and we saw a few giraffes and other animals along the way which got us even more excited.
We were greeted at camp upon arrival and settled in to our tent. We had a family tent which was two tents on a shared platform above ground. 
One had a large bed and one had two twim beds each with their own full bathroom.
It really was very luxurious and comfortable. Nothing like the Africa trip of years ago where we set up our own tents each day and walked in the dark at night to some version of a bathroom with the animals about!! After freshening up we had a wonderful dinner out by the river at the main lodge before returning to our tents for the night. The first night in the tents we heard so many sounds around us. I was woken in the middle of the night by the sound of lions roaring! I'm sure it wasn't very nearby but it sure sounds like it's right outside your tent. There were also tons of hippos from the river that come up to feed and leave their trails throughout camp, as well as monkeys and many other nocturnal animals.

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