Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Zanzibar Day 1

Our big plan to sleep in was not really fulfilled but when you have been rising at 5 am for a week being able to sleep until 7 am is a luxury.  We could see a bit more of our rooms now that is was daylight.
The rooms adjoin so they have an even larger deck with seats and hammocks.
We arrived at breakfast the minute it opened at 8am. Most of the guests at the resort seemed to be couples or honeymooners save for a couple families and us. It was pretty quiet in the morning at the restaurant.

There was a buffet with fruit, yogurt bar, cheeses and breads galore. Plus a huge hot food station as well all cooked to order.
The lobby had a pool table surrounded by shelves of books you can check out. These super fun swinging chairs were a hit. We checked out several books during our stay.
Once we had changed we headed down to the beach. The girls and I received sarongs in our room that many of the local women wear. We made good use of them for the beach.
The grounds at the resort are amazing and lush filled with so many tropical plants and flowers.
Of course these girls claimed the swinging bed as soon as they arrived at the beach.
It was a beautiful day with fluffy clouds rolling through here and there. It was warm but not hot and occasionally a shower would come through and make you duck for cover.
We went for a long walk up and down the beach. Of course getting greeted by locals selling all the touristy souvenirs you can imagine.
The peddlers aren't allowed up on hotel property and the resort has a "masai" to keep an eye on your belongings as well so if you take a walk they won't get taken. Our Masai was very busy guarding the resort!
We soaked up the sun and relaxing time. There were also games and beach toys for the girls to borrow and the towel boys were always willing to entertain the girls too.
After a long day at the beach we walked back up to our room to relax and shower before planning to return to the beach to watch the sunset. On our way to our room one of the groundskeepers had found something to show us. It was the littlest green snake you ever did see!
Our deck was so peaceful and inviting.
The rooms have an outdoor shower or bath. We intended to use every amenity possible! Lily loved the outdoor shower.
While Alex read for a while in the hammock.
Once we were all ready we walked back down to the beach to have a cocktail and watch the sunset before dinner. It was nice to wear something other than our khaki safari gear!
There was plenty of time to enjoy a game of paddle ball. I think we were supposed to play with the net court but it was more fun to play across the balance bungee.
Front row for the sunset with live DJ spinning tunes.

The girls got right to ordering mocktails from the menu. Pina colada and fruit cooler.

Then they attempted to do a hands heart sunset picture which was not very successful.
I had to show them how it's done.
The golden hour made for some lovely family photos.

We had to partake in some kilimanjaro beers here too.

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