Thursday, July 18, 2019

Zanzibar Day 3

We spent our last full day back on the beach and by the pool. It was cloudier this day but still warm and relaxing. 
The activities shop had lots of beach gear to rent and since we arrived the girls had been wanting to kayak.
They are expert kayakers since our Hawaii trip.
The ocean colors were an ombre delight of greens to blues and every shade in between. 
Not sure who did the most work rowing.
While the crew rowed I walked along the beach and saw some good urchin.

Granny and Grampy joined them in the water for a while too. Until some snorkelers told us they saw jellyfish!!
The local fishermen were casting their nets to catch fish. It looks like a lot of work.
A hard day at the beach requires fruity beverages.
Or an icy cold ginger beer and coca cola lite.

We had to hit the pool again as well.
The whole pool to themselves practically all the time. I guess honeymooner types don't swim.
It was a magical trip and the beautiful beach ending was just what we needed. After our water fun we cleaned up quickly to head to the spice garden tour at the resort. Zanzibar is known for it's spices and they grow them at the resort gardens and offer daily tours.

The spices are both beautiful and useful. You can even use them to paint your face. After our tour they offered us cool refreshing tea and cakes.

The guides even made the girls jewelry out of palm leaves.
We still needed to clean up before dinner so this time we used the outdoor bathtub! What a luxury!
At dinner we requested to sit at the giant wooden crocodile table. We felt so lucky and special it was the coolest table in the restaurant.

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