Saturday, August 31, 2019

Labor Day Weekend Carpinteria

We decided to take a last minute get away on Labor Day weekend before the soccer season was in full swing and took up our Saturdays for the fall.
We always like to go on the hike by the train tacks to the seal sanctuary. There is a fallen tree the girls like to climb.
It was oddly foggy at the beach even though it was warm out and super hot and sunny back at the condo.
Winston is truly in his happy place in Carp. He just misses Granny & Grampy because they take him for more walks and give him more belly rubs.

Lily was playing photographer and luckily Gemma was in the mood to be her model.
We went down to the beach to go looking for sea glass.

By the afternoon we were ready to head to the beach. It was so foggy until about 2pm but at least we didn't roast. It was still crowded though.
The girls made their own beach canopies and hid out.
Then the sun and fun came out! Cousins came to join us at the beach!! Rach and Ben and Gwyn had so much fun with us.
They even took the big swim out to the platform. We had two boogie boards and Alex & Rach took Lily, Gemma and Ben out. Gwyn and I stayed back to make sure they were safe and call for rescue.
We played and splashed in the waves while we waited.

You can see they made it to the platform!!

They made it safely back to shore too.
Then we had plenty more time for boogie boarding. Everyone took a turn and bit the dust a few times. We finished up the day at Padaro grill before bed.
The next morning we rose and after breakfast we went for a beach walk at summerland. The tide was in super high so we could not walk on the beach in front of our million dollar dream homes. 
We walked the other direction and did our best karate kid impressions.

It was again foggy but yo can still fetch ball in the fog.

Back at the condo we made lunch and relaxed for a bit.
We went for a dip in the condo pool and decided to clean up and head home on Sunday so we could chill at home on Monday.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Brady Fam Visit

We were so excited that our Seattle Besties were coming down to LA for a weekend to celebrate Danny's 5th birthday at Disneyland. We didn't get to join them at Disneyland because we had school but they were nice enough to come up to our house for a night to hang out with us!
These girls have so much fun together and always pick up right where they left off.
We hung out at the house on Saturday when they arrived and played and jumped on the trampoline. Then we went to swim at Goppy's house for a bit because it was HOT out before getting pizza and heading home. On Sunday we all went to the Reagan library.

It was a good place to go and stay cool.

Every time we go we learn something new and the air force one is always a hit.Good thing Danny puts up with hanging out with four older sisters!!!
I love the jelly belly mural of President Reagan. It is our favorite fun fact that he loved jelly beans and always had a bowl within reach.

By Sunday late afternoon our friends had to go to drive down to Anaheim. We had to get ready for the school week ahead! We can't wait to see them again next summer in Hawaii though!

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Back to School

The week before school started both girls were invited to a birthday party for Ravelle at the nail salon! They got to choose a manicure or pedicure with dip powder which lasts a long long time. They were so so excited. 

Their first dip manicure, I've never even had one!

Lily attended the Leopard day the week before school started. It was for all incoming 6th graders to get more comfortable on campus, meet new people, and have a chance to ask any questions about middle school.
She went with Sabina but when they arrived they were broken into small groups with an eighth grader as their leader. Lily said she didn't know anyone in her group and didn't ask any questions. She did learn some new things about the school and got more familiar with the campus.

Then the next day she and Dad went for registration day. You turn in your millionth packet of paperwork, pay for your PE clothes and get your picture taken and photo ID card.
To get ready for school we also had a special trip to the hair salon for Gemma. She got to go to my hair salon with my stylist and get a cute little bob haircut. 
She got a TON cut off and it looks so cute!

The back to school bash is always the Sunday before school starts. We were busy all weekend working on the bedrooms at the house and painting all the rooms. We took a break to run over to school to find out which teacher Gemma got for third grade. She got team teachers Mrs. Shaffer and Mrs. Shen!! Gemma was a little nervous since she didn't know anyone that had them as teachers before. Luckily Liv is in her class again this year so they will have so much fun together. 
Finally the first day arrived. Gemma started on Tuesday and Lily didn't have school until the next day. So they whole family got to have breakfast together and see Gemma off to third grade.
So sad they won't be at the same school anymore! Not until high school when Lily is a senior and Gemma is a Freshman!!
Beautiful Gemma ready to rock third grade.
When you wear uniforms the only fun is your new shoes. Gemma wanted these converse high tops to match her friend Ravelle.

Two besties ready for school to start.
Gemma got a big smushy group hug from Lily and Sophia. 
While Gemma was at school I took Lily and Sophia to LosCerritos to decorate their lockers. Apparently this is quite the thing. 
We threw together some wrapping paper as wall paper and a magnetic pen cup with mirror. She also got a set of flamingo string lights from the dollar store.
Then we met up with Sabina and her mom Melanie and grabbed lunch. 

The girls sat at the table next to us and gave some serious tween side eye.
Blink of an eye and it was the first day for Lily.  

Middle school is super exciting because it is FREE DRESS every day!  Lily got some new clothes, a pair of rainbow checkered vans and a new backpack.
We did a first day recreation for Gemma even though it was the second day.

The fun is going to wear off quickly and soon school will give them the sour faces.
We all took Lily for drop off on her first day. No parents on campus for the first day!! Or any day for that matter, Ha! We walked her up to the main gate and the school Principal Mr. Klinger was outside greeting kids. Lily has an "A" period before the regular classes so she starts at 8:05 for intermediate band. 
Lily had a great first day. She marched in to campus, got her schedule and met her friend Sophia for band. They ended up having four classes plus band together this year so she was really excited. She also has career wheel for elective and got photography which sounds really fun. She does not have any classes with Sabina but they still find each other after school or at lunch. It is definitely a big change and a fun chance to grow and meet new friends. We did go to get ice cream after school and met up with Scarlett and lots of other former Mates friends.