Saturday, August 3, 2019

Cadettes Camp Arnaz

Lily's Cadette troop kicked off the year with an overnight camping trip to Arnaz up in Ojai. The whole troop was able to join. They lost a few members over the summer and gained a new member too.
We arrived late Friday afternoon after Lily and Scarlett finished zoo camp and joined the troop for dinner. Hot dogs over the fire and ceasar salad.
Pretty much overnight camp is the best because it's really a glorified sleep over. Lily and Anna join Sophia on her bunk for a cuddle before lights out. 
Lily won the award for longest sleeper. She was the last up in the morning. Barb, Julie and I were chaperones the first night and then Barb and I ran solo after that.
Saturday morning they booked a archery lesson. It was really cool to have a whole hour lesson for just our girls and a really good chance to learn how to shoot.
They all did really well and even got some bulls eyes.

Don't worry we didn't really stand in front of them while they had arrows. We made them pose with nothing in their hands. Safety first!
The girls did lots of fun activities like leather bracelet making and knot tying. They also laid out all the plans for the patches they want to earn this year and their goal for the next 2 years of cadettes.
They really are a great group of girls and I would even agree to camp overnight with this bunch again. By camping I mean sleeping in a cabin of course.
We made smores over the fire and invited another troop in the cabin next to us to share our camp fire. 

Sunday morning we had to clean up camp before we could head back to home. All the girls who were in the Annie play last spring had a good time pretending to be orphans and Ms. Hannigan. 
Camp out success!
We stopped on the way home for an early lunch at in'n'out. It has become our own little tradition and we deserved it! 

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