Friday, August 16, 2019

Camp Time- Summer camp round up

Right after our trip to Portland we returned home to the first week of camp. This week was one of the girls favorites from years past. Camp Serenity is a girl scout day camp held at a local park for the week. They had a rock wall, archery, lots of crafts and songs of course.
They made dream catchers out of old CD's.
They made bird feeders from pine cones and bird seed.
Lily got to be with a couple of her friends from her troop and also made new friends, this is Hannah a new friend.

Gemma had a great time at camp as well with several girls from her troop.

They spent a few days the following week at Kids in Motion camp and then it was another week of girl scout camp at Camp Conejo. The theme this year was super heros. It was held at a local middle school. They lucked out with the weather at camps so far as it has been in the 70's-80's. 

Lily was a Jr PA this year which is like a counselor in training. She had a group of Brownies she helped to lead and had a lot more responsibility. I think she enjoyed being a camper more than a leader but it was a good chance for her to grow. As a Cadette they learn a lot more independence and leadership skills which is a great thing! It was a fantastic week.

Lily did a week at Moorpark teaching zoo. She did this last year with Scarlett and loved it. They both wanted to do the full day this year.

At the end of the week they perform the animal show for friends and family. We all were able to see them present "Cowboy" an amazon parrot. 

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