Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Gemma's 9th Birthday

Birthday planning always starts way in advance and includes what type of cake you want.
 Gemma chose a similar rendition we've had before, chocolate cake with cookie dough filling.
 I have to say, I'm a fan. I made a new frosting and topped it with home made chocolate chip cookies.
 Waiting for the guests to arrive is the hardest part.
Gemma decided for her birthday this year she wanted to take two friends to little Tokyo in LA and of course it would need to include a sleepover. Since  her two closest friends are also family friends of ours we had a big BBQ dinner  here on Saturday night. Party girls Gemma , Liv and Ravelle got matching unicorn slippers for the sleepover from Liv.
For some reason they decided to re-live the balloon baby theme from Lily's birthday.
Once the evening had moved on to pajama time. The girls had made a huge list of plans and activities  for the party all week at recess during the week.
Finally it was time to dig into that cake.

We gotta sing happy birthday quickly so we can dig in!
It just so happens that one of Lily's closets friends, Sabina, is sisters with Ravelle so everyone wins! They had a little fun of their own dressing the same too.
After the Saturday night party ended Lily got to have a sleepover at Sabinas and Gemma, Liv and Ravelle reluctantly went to sleep here so the party could carry on Sunday in Little Tokyo!
For some reason these girls woke up at 6am on Sunday!! Even after not going to sleep until 11PM.
At least we had time for pancakes and bacon. With plenty of pancake toppings.
Chocolate chips, M and M's and whipped cream!

Part of their big party plans included matching outfits they all happened to have and make-up, plus matching hair styles.
Always with the kissy face peace sign poses.

Squeezed into the car to grab Lily and head downtown.
Let the shopping spree begin!
They each had $20 to spend and they weighed their options very carefully.

It was really cute in Little Tokyo.
The outing included lunch at Kura sushi which has a rotating sushi bar and you get prizes for how many plates of sushi you eat. It was a fun experience and the girls all ate lots of new foods!

After our big day out we dropped all our friends back at home and then headed home ourselves to get ready for the week. Gemma's actual birthday was on Tuesday and she was eager to celebrate some more! 
That morning was extra exciting because she had lost a tooth the night before so the tooth fairy visited and she had gifts to open at breakfast.  Granny and Grampy sent a polaroid camera like the one Lily has and Gemma was SO excited!
She has been wanting one for a very long time! She got a blue camera and matching blue case.
She got a photo album and extra film from the Pofahl fam and she got her beloved hydroflask water bottle from Mom and Dad.

All ready for school and posing with her new camera.
At the end of the school day she celebrated with her class bby ringing in popsicles and they all sang to her.
That evening we went to Toppers pizza, her choice, for dinner with Goppy and Rach, Ben and Gwyn. They ate pizza, salad and played video games to their hearts content! Plus, she got more awesome gifts from them!! What a fantastic birthday!!!

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