Thursday, October 31, 2019

Halloween 2019

Every year for Halloween half the fun is anticipation and excitement in deciding on your costume.
This year we had Mickey Mouse and a Snow Leopard.
Mickey was not alone, she had her partner Minnie Mouse with her.

We went to a fun Halloween party the weekend before Halloween at the Justice's house.
Then Halloween night we got geared up to go trick or treating. School had been cancelled on Halloween day due to fires in our area. 

Luckily despite the fires and wind we were still able to go out and trick or treat with our friends.

We went with a big group of kids from school to a nearby neighborhood that goes all out!
Tons of kids are walking the streets and houses are all decked out in decorations.

This is the huge group we went trick or treating with. It was even more kids than last year! It sure is hard to keep track of this many kids too!
The day after Halloween was a Friday and while the middle schools were closed for teacher in-service MATES was open and decided to have their Halloween parade a day late. Lily and her friends were thrilled that they got to come watch.
The third grade girls in Gemma's class had some good costumes.
Mickey and Minnie get prepared to march.
The loop around the school in a huge line while parents stand in the parking lot and cheer. It is a long morning but it is so fun to see all the costumes.

Lily and her friends loved to watched and really loved to hang out all day after and not have to go to school!

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