Sunday, November 3, 2019

Harvest Moon Girl Scout Camp- Brownies 61085

Gemma's troop arrived early Saturday morning full of energy and excitement ready to make the most of camp. Several girls had never been before and had heard stories about how fun it was. Starting off with a sugar filled breakfast donut is a great idea. 
It was really cold at camp in the morning so we bundled up with hot cocoa and treats.
Then we dropped our stuff at the cabin and started decorating. Pretty sure goofing around in the cabin is everyones favorite part of camp.
We snuck Liv into girl scout camp this year by registering her as a Juliette without a troop. Our troop is full and has a huge waiting list to join but Liv was missing out on so much fun so we figured out a way to have her participate in camp.
Our cabin full of crazy girls.
It was finally time to get the show on the road with opening ceremony.
Our first rotation was making a craft with nature supplies. They gathered what they could find around camp and then used little wood slices to make a nature scene.

In between rotations there is plenty of time for playing and goofing off.

We also did a knot tying rotation where each girl got a lanyard with two colored strings and learned how to tie different knots.
Next up was the tee pee making rotation. They really enjoyed each station.
There was also a scavenger hunt with clues that lead you all over camp.

There was archery too which is always fun.

Dinner in the mess hall was taco bar. The food did leave something to be desired this year. Lesson learned pack a lot of snacks for your cabin. There is a LOT of waiting for meals that end up to be not so tasty.
The evening entertainment was the camp fire with songs and s'mores. The troops can get up and perform a song or skit and everyone laughs. 
The fearless leaders and chaperones. Good thing it was dark in the picture so you can't see the bags under our eyes!!
We didn't make it long enough at the camp fire to make s'mores. It just takes too long for them to rotate through all the skits and everyone is tired. We opted to return to our cabin to eat our s'mores ingredients without the toasting and then giggle for a while.
The girls all did pretty well going to sleep knowing we had to be up super early for the polar bear plunge in the AM.
Bright and early at 6:30 am we were up at the pool waiting to jump in the freezing water.

Last year they had heated the pool at the other camp so even though the air was cold the water was warm. This year was a true polar plunge. The water and the air were freezing!
Once they took a 10 second dip they got out to dry off and change into warm clothes before getting cocoa in the mess hall. I think most girls had fun but would NOT do the polar plunge again!

Troop shot with all the goofy energy even on day two!
That was a wrap for camp. After waiting in a huge line for not great breakfast and then doing one last rotation painting rocks we headed home. With a stop for an early lunch at in'n'out at 10:30 am!

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