Saturday, November 2, 2019

Harvest Moon Girl Scout Camp Cadettes 60123

The highlight of the Fall is the girl scout camping weekend at Harvest Moon!
Lily's troop is now Cadette's so instead of coming to enjoy camp and go through all the rotations now they come to help and run one of the stations for the younger girls. This meant going to camp on Friday night to help set up and get organized. We fueled up at Jimmy Johns before heading to camp.
Once we arrived the first task was to decorate the mess hall in Fall themed decor. This year camp was held the weekend after Halloween.
The girls also helped to prep some of the food. A lucky few got to bake cookies.

The lucky moms who came to chaperone! Julie was the master of the schedule. This was our way of knowing which troops were to rotate through our station.
We prepared the patches for the arriving girl scouts in the morning. As we all know, if you don't receive a patch did it ever really happen?
At the end of the evening the girls participated in some team building games. Lily's favorite.....NOT!
Best of all we were given our room assignment. We had hear rumors that we would not get a cabin but sleep on a floor in one of the big main buildings. Which would really mean no sleep at all. Luckily we did get one small room and scraped together enough matts for the floor too. We all just barely squeezed in.
Somehow we had GIANT pickles left  over from our subs earlier and decided they would make a great bedtime snack. Salty and vinegar crunchy treats before bed.

See how snug and cozy it was all packed in a room together.
I'm not sure how much sleep we all got. We were woken at about 6:30 am by the camp director telling us our room had been reassigned and we needed to vacate ASAP. Come on! We managed to rally and pack up so we could head to the mess hall for breakfast.

Games and goofing off while we wait for all the other troops to arrive. Gemma was coming soon with her troop to participate in camp while Lily's troop would go run the catapult building station.
Opening ceremonies out under the flag.
We found our two troops!

Lily's troop headed off to get ready to lead the Think like a Scientist station where they build a small catapult to launch cotton balls.

They really did a great job as leaders and managed to trouble shoot some difficulties with confusion and sharing tasks amongst the girls. 
As the day warmed up outside they were able to move their station to the stands so they had more room and the younger girls could hear the instructions better.

In the afternoon we had a break after lunch for them to relax and play around. We also celebrated Sierra's birthday with a little cake we brought. 
At the end of all the days rotations the troop gathered up for one last group shot before they left camp. Their work was done and it was a success. Lily and I got to stay another night with Gemma's troop since the younger girls had just arrived that morning! 

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