Saturday, December 28, 2019

Cheeks come to town

Every few years we are lucky enough to have my dear friend Meagan come to LosAngeles to visit. She and her family live in England but when they come to visit family for Christmas they manage to squeak in a weekend with us. 
Last time they came we took them to the beach and they loved it so we did that again. It is always something the kids can all enjoy and we lucked out with super beautiful weather!
First off the kids all banded together to construct a "bridge" over this ditch in the sand for when high tide comes in. They used large rocks and drift wood.
I may have doubted the project but they did a great job and it was really sturdy.
The kids have all grown so much since the last visit. Charlie is 11years old like Lily and little Kobe is now 4.
Of course the kids wanted to swim in the sea which all the adults thought was insane. We knew no matter what they would get wet so we did have them all wear swimsuits.
They splashed around for about 15 minutes in the waves. The water was cold but it's the cold air that really gets you.
Once finished in the sea and mostly dried off and in warm clothes again we walked up to the pier and hit up that taco stand for lunch. This place is always good, there is a reason the lines are long. 
Then we walked the pier to wear off some tacos. There were lots of fishermen out. 
Martin used his long arm as a selfie stick to get a picture of us all.
Little Kobe took a liking to Lily and didn't leave her side most of the trip. 
Of course we had to add a little extra fun while on holiday and rent an umbrella bike for a ride. The big one fit the most people.
There wasn't quite room for everyone so Martin and I graciously agreed to sit this one out. Alex and Meagan braved the ride with all the kids.
Martin and I walked along the boardwalk for the hour they were riding.
Such a beautiful day and we really could not have asked for better weather. The umbrella crew made it back just in time for the hour to expire and not a minute to spare.
We headed home to relax and enjoy dinner. We had more fun on the agenda the next day. We all headed to Pasadena to Jenn's house to meet up with Robbin and Jenn and families. 
The four of us college girls only get to be all together every few years when Meagan comes to town. We had to memorialize it in pictures. We then critiqued the husbands photography skills and made them take several more from different angles and poses.
We needed to get the best shot since it might be years before we're together again. Although talks of a girls trip are under way.
We threw all the kids together for a picture as well. They have all grown so much since our last gathering. 
Caden is the oldest at 12, then comes Lily and Charlie at 11. Carson is up next at 10 then Gemma is 9. Collin is 6 yrs and Kobe is our youngest at 4. 

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