Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Christmas Day

Christmas Day began bright and EARLY. Between the dog eating chocolate and the girls barely sleeping we finally gave in and decided to begin the festivities at 5am when the dog began barking in his crate and the girls woke again. They woke the reluctant Grandparents and waited patiently to be allowed to open stockings. 
The tree was heaving with gifts.
Once the coffee was brewed and poured and stockings were open we moved on to the gifts. Lily and Gemma are good Santa's helpers and pass out gifts to all.
The girls spent a lot of time and effort this year making and buying gifts for all their friends and family. They were so excited to see them opened on Christmas morning. Grampy got a home-made keychain with the girls photos. Granny got a fancy digital bedside clock. They also got paintings from each girl. 
Of course the most gifts were for Lily and Gemma. Winsty got a new ball in his stocking that you can slip a treat inside and drive him nuts trying to get it out.

Once the gifts were all opened we sat down to Christmas brunch. The girls were bundled up tight in cozy robes they received. We always enjoy an egg dish and fruit and of course Jesus birthday cake, our chocolate chip coffee cake.
After breakfast everyone can relax and explore their gifts. Gemma was over the moon she  received her most coveted airpods, although they may not be the apple ones she was thrilled none the less. 

We sat by the cozy fire on the TV that played holiday tunes.
Lily wasted no time building her two new lego sets. She asked Santa for cozy socks and mittens and received multiple pairs. Perhaps we should name this Christmas the year of cozy.
Gemma helped Dad build his new lego architecture set. He got the Paris skyline since we are going to Paris in the Spring.
Goppy came by late morning to visit. She wasn't feeling well, however, and took a nap on our couch for a bit but then decided to return home. Eric's family was sick as well and had to cancel Christmas dinner so everyone was down with a bug.
Gemma sporting her new PJ's and both girls got awesome new sleepover bags made by Grandma Nini with awesome fabric. Lily adores dragons and hers is a cool dragon fabric. Gemma loves her Narwhal print too. So pretty and a great size for overnights.
Winsty seemed to have worked out the dark chocolate he ate the night before and finally collapsed on his cushion with his new blanket. He was likely on the naughty list this year and so he only received his blanket and the new ball.
We all managed to stay awake and had a lovely supper made by Granny and Dad. By the time supper was finished and the gifts sorted and wrapping cleared away we were all beat and turned in for the night. 

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