Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve day we were all home together, putting the final touches on our cookies and one person doing some last minute shopping!!!
We finally were able to decorate those gingerbread. We made royal icing in many colors and used piping bags and plenty of sprinkles.
They turned out pretty well and certainly tasted fantastic.  Santa was going to love them.
We got ourselves ready for church. Gemma insisted on wearing her outfit she made in sewing class. She made the top in her first session and then the skirt in the second. It turned out really cute and although it is more of a spring weather/look she was so proud she wanted to wear it to church. Throw a little sweater on and seems perfect.
We attended service at Ascension Lutheran. They have a gorgeous tree and  so we posed in front.
Lily wore her band performance dress again. She loves how formal it looks.  Gemma of course is the ultimate poser.
Granny and Grampy joined us for church and then we all returned home to have supper. A nice soup and salad has become our tradition. Of course the highlight was after dinner when Lily and Gemma decided they get to exchange gifts with each other. 
They also determined they could open their gift from cousins since we did not have time this year to get together and open gifts all together. 
Excuse the darkness but it was getting very late. Lily received two books she had been eyeing at Barnes and Nobles so she immediately jumped into reading. Gemma received a bracelet making kit so she wanted to start right away too. 
They were convinced to change into pajamas and listen to the night before Christmas and get ready for bed.
Somehow they decided they needed to sleep over in Lily's room together which ended up being a very bad idea all around! Very little sleep was had that night!
While it may look quiet and peaceful all set for Christmas morning with cookies set out for Santa and carrots for the reindeer, behind the scenes all was not well. The dog had explored the gifts under the tree while we were at church and sniffed out a wrapped dark chocolate orange. He proceeded to thrash the wrapping and eat the entire thing before we returned home.
He was hyper for hours running around and needing to be let out. Then by 6am he was barking incessantly to be let out of his crate. Our little elves had the Christmas time line all written out. Unfortunately they kept misjudging the time and were up at 3 am and again at 4 am thinking it was morning so very little sleep was had. 

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