Saturday, December 14, 2019

Disney on ice

We surprised the girls by taking them to see Disney on Ice at the Staples center. Alex got tickets from a vendor at work and we got to sit in the company club seats. We arrived just in time for the show to start and get our seats.
The show had multiple scenes all with characters from a different popular Disney movie. Like Toy Story!
As you can see our seats were pretty great and we could see all the action.
We also got to enjoy all kinds of free kid food that was set up on buffet in the kitchen of the club box. Pizza for Gemma and chicken strips for Lily.  They were happy campers.
Aladdin came on next and since Lily was in the show Aladdin at school she could relate.
Of course Frozen with Anna, Elsa and Olaf was the biggest hit. 

The ensemble cast did a great finale number. The skating was great and they did so many jumps and acrobatics on the ice.

It was a great family day out and we all enjoyed it especially since we had never seen a ice show.
They even finished with fireworks and flames for Mulan.
Ariel was a good one too. We really enjoyed the dessert cart that pulls up to the box and you choose any dessert you like from a huge selection of cakes and sweets. The girls eyes were bugging out!

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