Sunday, December 1, 2019

Holiday Fun!!!

We squeezed in a lot of holiday cheer in the short three weeks from Thanksgiving to Christmas this year. It did feel rushed and quite tiring but we fit most things in and had fun along the way.
They had Christmas caroling at the Janss mall with girl scout council. I think our girls were feeling too old for this activity. A touch of the "too cool" perhaps.
They managed to finish it and got a candy cane and a patch.
Of course our elf Rosie made her appearance on December 1st. She loves those sweets and hid in the fridge drinking our syrup one day.
We took Gemma's girl scout troop on a field trip to a place called the Poverty Encounter. It is through the children's hunger fund. You go through a interactive experience where you "visit" several countries and learn about how children live in poverty and hunger in other parts of the world.  We started on a plane ride. 
You learn about how young children in other parts of the world have to work so hard just to have food each day and live in very difficult conditions with little schooling, medicine, or clean water.
The journey took us to Haiti, Honduras and Romania.
At the end you work in the food bank to package dried beans for delivery around the world. 
We measured and scooped dried beans. 
We try to incorporate a service project each semester as well as some fun activities like last month we dipped caramel apples at the chocolate shop. 

We fulfilled our family tradition of picking out the Christmas tree at Costco. It was Lily's turn this year to place the star. We got a new star since last year and it is very fancy. Lights up blue and white, very Frozen-esque. 

Rosie continued to show up each day and she even managed to move every single day this season without fail. Nobody was threatened with the naughty list by Santa either.
She must have received a set of printable games because we did find her doing a lot of games and puzzles this year.
Lily had her first performance with LosCerritos band. They did a holiday concert at Thousand Oaks High School.
She is buried in the back so we couldn't really see her on stage. The intermediate band performed first and then two levels of advanced band. It is always fun to hear how they advance so much from one level to the next.

We also set out treats this year by our front door for all the "Santa's helpers" who work for UPS, FedEx, and postal carriers. They work so hard this time of year and honestly we receive multiple packages daily so we copied the idea to leave treats out for them. It was a source of family fun to see what treats were popular and watch the basket empty every few days. It's apparently all about the soda and chips.
Rosie often brings little treats that parents would never buy, like sugary cereal.
She also took a selfie with Lily's camera of herself riding an elephant. Maybe she heard we went to Africa and wanted to have an experience too.
Gemma's class held their holiday party on the last day of school before break. It was a Velveteen rabbit tea party that they always do in third grade. The girls love getting dressed up.
I'm not sure if they loved the fancy tea food but they seemed to have fun. I was at work but luckily got sent a few pics of the event.
While Gemma had a sleepover one night, Lily and I made time to do some holiday baking. They chose to make snickerdoodles and gingerbread cookies. We also made some pretzel-rolo bites which were so easy and big hit.
We baked for hours on a Friday evening and finished all the cookies but didn't have time to decorate the gingerbread. That would have to wait a few days until Christmas Eve.
Rosie also brought a Santa and Mrs Claus lego set so we helped her build it.

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