Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Santa visit

We managed to squeeze in a visit to Jolly 'Ol St Nick again this year. It was such a busy and short lead up to Christmas that we managed to go one evening after homework was finished and Alex met us there then we grabbed a quick bite. Gemma wore a holiday sweater and fluffy white fur vest she stole from Lily's closet. Lily wanted to wear her fancy new band performance dress. Might as well get use out of the $60 dress we bought for the total of two performances they hold per year.
Gemma brought a printed list of her wishes. There were two items on it and pictures as well so he was sure to get it right. She wanted a cheeky puff, which is a furry animal that contains sparkly powder inside you can puff onto your face. She also wanted airpods to listen to music on her ipod around the house. Santa was very impressed.
Lily did not need to write a list. She asked Santa for cozy socks and cozy mittens. I'm sure he can relate since he lives in the North Pole.
Santa finished the visit by giving them a mini candy cane which he held up to join and make a heart shape. So cute/corny, he does it every year.

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