Thursday, January 23, 2020

Talent Show

Who doesn't love a good elementary school talent show? This year the school had so much talent they couldn't fit it into two nights of performances.
The third grade had a whole show time all to themselves. Gemma performed for her first time with her friends Abby and Liv. They sang the song "High Hopes" by Panic at the Disco.
They made up the whole routine themselves and practiced mostly at recess and a few after school playdates. Thanks to Abby's mom she sourced the High Hopes T-shirts so they had their little outfit for the show.
The did a great job and had a few real good laughs when they forgot part of the routine and got mixed up. They managed to pull it off for the ending!

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Beach Walk with John and Therese

It is always a special treat when Aunt Therese and Uncle John come to visit California. They were staying at the beach house with Granny and Grampy for a week so we took the Sunday to come up and spend the day.
After a lovely lunch cooked by Granny we headed to the bluffs to go on a nature walk.
There were of course some silly antics all around.
Therese loves to comb the beach for shells and treasures and this happens to be a favorite past time for Lily and Gemma as well.
We managed to get some sunshine in between the clouds and we were all bundled up to stay warm.
It was quite the loot in sea shells.

Some beach goers before us made a very impressive rock sculpture.

Lots of family selfies wrapped up a great visit.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Roaring with cousins

We had a sleepover party with cousins right after the New Year began. Eric and Rach had a wedding to attend so cousins came to hang with us. It always starts off with the animal show.
We took them to the Moorpark zoo for a visit. This place is a favorite of Lily's since she has been a Jr Zookeeper at summer camp there.
It was just enough activity to keep  us occupied for a few hours. 
After the animal show we wandered the zoo for an hour with Lily as our personal guide. She knows most of the animals by name.
It was a beautiful day with great views above Moorpark.
We stayed to watch the close encounter with the Tigers where they let them play in the bigger play area.
They are building new larger areas for all the big cats to have more space to roam.