Saturday, February 22, 2020

Winter Hike

We caught a beautiful sunny February day and decided to take a hike on the trail up behind our house. The flowers have started blooming and it was so clear.
Lily in her element always imagining she is some explorer or nature guide.

Winston enjoys these hikes most of all. You would never guess he is already 13 years old!!

Enough water and snacks were consumed to make it through the whole hike and sustain us until we returned home.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Pofahl Visit

What better way to spend Valentines weekend than with your valentine, and your bestie!
The Pofahl Fam came down to LA for the weekend to visit. We have been missing them and the kids have been desperate to get together again. We went to the CA Science center to see the space shuttle.
We have been to see the Endeavor but it has been a long time.
We knew the Pofahl fam would have fun too.

We spent a good amount of time looking through the museum and having a picnic lunch. Of course the kids probably enjoyed playing tag outside as much as the museum.

There really is a lot of good info about the US space program.
You can even put on your own news program. Reporter Gemma and Elias on this evening news.
The next day we hung around the house and then took everyone to our little Moorpark zoo.
Our pass got all the kids in. That's when Kristen and Nate should have made a run for it and dumped us with all the kiddos.
We always love the zoo and can't wait to see them expand the big cat enclosures.
Our weekend visit was short but oh so sweet and everyone is already talking about getting together again.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Wax Museum

The third grade wax museum performance is a right of passage and one Gemma has been looking forward to since Lily got to do it years ago. Gemma decided to reprise her sisters role and choose Ruth Bader Ginsberg as her famous person.
They spend weeks researching and writing a report in class and then they memorize their speech based on that report. The big day finally arrives and they get to perform their speech in the MPR for family and then school mates. 
Alex attended the performance and went around listening to all the speeches.

It was a packed house and a huge success!