Saturday, March 7, 2020

Brownies and Cadettes

We kicked off our Girl Scout year with a bang. Troop meetings and gearing up for cookie sales. 
It is always daunting to face cookie selling season. Especially with two girls in two troops and everyone still trying to abide by their New Years resolutions.
We loaded up the wagon on day one of the start of sales and made our trip around our neighborhood.
Then on Sunday we loaded up once more and grabbed Liv to join is selling in Goppy's neighborhood.
We did a good amount of sales. The trick is to get started early before the sales in front of grocery stores starts.
Lily had a great meeting earning her cooking badge. Barb had all the girls over to cook stir fry. They all helped prep ingredients and cook their own meal.
Then cookie sales started having booths at the stores. We ran a couple booths. Pretty proud of our set up.
Liv is in a Juliette troop so she joined ours  to help out.
We were all getting geared up for BrowniOlympics when our whole season got postponed due to social distancing orders for Covid. Don't worry though we have hopes for a reschedule in the fall and we will make up for lost time then!

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