Saturday, April 4, 2020

Quarantine against Covid-19

Little did we know leaving school on Friday March 13th we would not be returning for the school year. Originally our schools closed for one week with a to be determined return date. We did have suspicions it would be longer than that so we went to the library after school to load up on some books. I told the girls to get enough books to last them for a month. We maxed out our allotment.  
The first week home seemed almost fun. Playing toys and staying in PJ's. The only school work was some hand outs and worksheets. We did have Lily bring all her school books home for every subject that Friday just in case. Alex got the stay home order as well for his offices so he set up his home office in the guest room on a folding table.
We made a home schedule which included morning workouts like kids yoga videos.
When I get home from work I would take them for fresh air, either a walk around the neighborhood or a scooter ride at a nearby park.
We also took on some sewing projects. Gemma wanted a pair of cozy PJ pants made of fleece.
They turned out really cute. 
Daily PE was made possible with our treadmill.
We celebrated Liv's birthday from a distance. By now school closures had been extended through the rest of the school year. It was apparent all plans and activities would not be happening. So many birthday parties cancelled. We dropped off a gift to Liv and said hello from afar.
The girls have spend so much time together making up games and playing. They bought purple capes for some imaginary game in the back yard.
One weekend it included a fort made of cardboard and whatever else they could find.

I tried to enjoy a moment of peace on the hammock amid a huge amount of gardening work. I was serenaded by my lovely ukulele and soloist. 
Then five minutes later I was back to work and the hammock was confiscated.
We got to work restoring our lovely windmill from Grandma Great. It has fallen to rust and was on the verge of collapse. As much as I prefer it old and weathered looking it wasn't going to survive. 
Then online distance learning launched for both schools. It is a mix of watching videos, teaching on zoom, and doing work on your own. Most things they can do themselves. Gemma needs a bit of help so if I am home I work with her and if I am at work Lily helps unless it is more involved then it waits for Alex or I. 
Lily has very little work to do and it only takes her 1 1/2 hrs or so to finish. Gemma has more because her work includes daily zoom lessons. The teachers are doing their best but it is not the same as learning in a classroom.
We have done a fair share of quarantine cooking and baking. The big talk is of flour shortages and yeast shortages across the nation. Luckily I anticipated being home for several weeks and had purchased an extra sack of flour and some yeast before this all started. 
My work at the hospital is of course on the essential worker list and so we carried on as before only during a pandemic. Day by day things got more and more serious and the realities of what we were facing set in. After the Governor issued stay at home orders for the state of California the hospital got serious about protecting our patients and healthcare workers and provided more PPE. Finally the hospital issued a mandatory mask policy and we began testing for covid all our surgery patients. 
In the beginning, on a good day we are dressed, hair brushed, and sitting at the table. 
We also slippery sloped to learning in PJ's from the couch.
Then came the quarantine cuts.  No access to hair salons and the mens cuts became necessity.

Lily decided she wanted a big trim too. She had grown her hair almost down to her butt and we trimmed 5 inches off!
Winston of course has been receiving home cuts for over a year after he was kicked out of the groomers.
After the big disappointment of having to miss our trip to Paris and Amsterdam for spring break and having "everything" cancelled for the foreseeable future we decided to treat ourselves to a new espresso machine. 
The girls also got a surprise, a hover board.  They got to try Ben's board he got for Christmas and thought it was cool. It is a fun toy and a lot easier than the quarantine puppy that the majority of our friends got!
Even music lessons carried on with Gemma having video recorder sessions and Lily doing trumpet lessons on face time. 
The first few weeks of lock down went relatively smoothly and of course not being in school seemed a treat for the girls. Parents maybe less so. Trying to juggle our usual jobs plus be in charge of schooling is not easy. The every day tasks of getting groceries and going to work are that much more difficult wearing masks and trying not to expose yourselves to germs.

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