Sunday, April 12, 2020

Easter and Spring Broken

Easter looked a little different this year with everyone required to stay home. We were supposed to be in Paris and Amsterdam for Easter and Spring break. Such a big disappointment. No use crying over spilled jelly beans. We made the most of Spring break at home. Luckily we found an old egg dye kit in our Easter decor box.

We only had brown eggs available at the store but it still worked. 
The kit was a little sweet shop set.
We've had a lot of snow on the mountain tops this year. Such clear skies too!
Work on the windmill refurbishment continues. Now it time to paint. Back to the original colors.
The Easter bunny was feared to be in quarantine but he must have made a run for it. He came through with baskets of goodies once again.
Let's hope Lily's quill pen set is put to good use writing lots of letters.
Making mini erasers will hopefully keep Gemma busy too.
Winston didn't get a basket even though he tried to disguise himself as a flower.
He also impersonated the Easter bunny but nobody was fooled.

We did our annual egg hunt for kibble again this year. This old dog might officially be too old for it. He had a hard time opening the eggs with his mouth. He has a sore on the side of his mouth that is giving him trouble and won't seem to heal. We ended up opening the eggs for him so he could just run around and eat the kibble.
After watching church on TV with live-stream in our PJ's we dug in to breakfast egg strata.
Gemma's contribution to Easter dinner was decorated brownies for dessert. I'm not sure brownies feel very Easter like but that was the winning vote for dessert.
We took some left over breakfast and some brownies to Goppy. We had a visit from afar in the garage with the door open. No enclosed spaces and plenty of distance. She was not impressed with the rules, not a fan of quaratine.
Let's hope Easter next year allows us all to be together and enjoy our egg hunts and other traditions.

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